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Enfin, Julia Maria a son blogue ... Ce qui permettra à nos Familles et Amis de Nous suivre plus facilement ... Et comme le dirait une Grande Amie à Nous ... Have Fun on the Way !!! Vous pouvez devenir Membres et Nous transmettre vos commentaires que Nous prendrons un plaisir à lire ... surtout étant loin de Vous. ... read more
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02 09 2012 Arrival to St. Thomas We arrived in St. Thomas at night and pretty exhausted from the crossing. Wi Fi is not to powerful that is why my posting got delayed. There is a one hr time change forward on our watches. It’s hot and sunny here and it rains lightly every hr so refreshing...Not much to do unless you are in the water, you are bar fly or a shopper. Owners will get here on Mon so we have some time to play and pretty up the boat. We will stay around here for about 8 days. The plan was to explore the island, hike, fish and dive. But the weather decreased and we couldn’t do much. Just scenic walks along the bay with a nice sight of the sailboats at anchor especially ... read more
Sidewalk along the bay
Sunset across from Us
Bar astern

Caribb.110411 St. Thomas rainy day today.. and yep it finally happened... snorkelling trip was cancelled because of weather and was replaced with a tour to Coral world and a butterfly farm. We tried to go swimming with the sea lions but did not have a reservation so just wandered about taking pictures... Then moved on to the butterfly farm and the highlight was Havensight Cafe that featured chicken roti & peas & rice with Carib beer. Back onto the boat for an afternoon beside the pool. Tomorrow back to San Juan and into the airplane home... ... read more
Kite butterfly

We have had the last two days doing very little. We have taken the time to do a little sunbathing along with preparing for our long journey home. Thursday we managed to get about 3 hours sunbathing in before the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Later that evening we took a walk into the town and had dinner in Chinese restaurant we had seen earlier in the week near to the Kmart store. It was a lovely meal, but the restaurant was completely deserted apart from us. Looks like locals do not eat out much around here. Friday morning we were going to take in some more sunbathing, but the rain got in first, so we returned to the apartment to begin preparations for our journey. Went into town again for dinner. ... read more
Private swimming pool

We are going on the visit to Coral World on the other side of the island today. This tour was organised for us through the complex. The transportation has been laid on free of charge by the park, so all we pay is the $19 each entrance fee. The coach pick up is 8.15am at the lobby. Looks like many people could not get up in time. There should have been 15 of us but were only 9. The taxi took us through about 8 other hotels. It was very frustrating when there was no one there for us to collect. This was time we could have been at the park. Arrived at the park at about 9.45am. Today, we are being treated to a glorious 94 degrees. Hottest so far in our travels. Before ... read more
Sting Ray
Iguana taking Georges shoes

We have booked with the complex to go on their Island Tour today. The tour starts at 11am and is scheduled to last about three and a half hours. Our driver for the day is ‘K9 Joe’. He is a retired US police officer on the Virgin Islands. He is able to pass on a lot of knowledge that we would not normally get. It made for a very full and interesting tour. We were in a bus of 9 people. Joe made several stops around the island for us to take pictures of the island and the surrounding islands. He always had a little story about something that has happened to him in every area. We stopped off at a hill top market where we could get some lunch. They are famous here for Banana ... read more
1st cruise ship
2nd cruise ship
huge cruise ship

It has been raining a lot over night, but by the time we got up, most of this had dried up. Got up this morning to find two huge cruise ships parked in the other side of the harbour from our apartment. That means the local area is going to be busy today. Getting a taxi anywhere may be hard. Early morning start today, as we are going to a complex orientation meeting at 8.30 by the pool then breakfast. Didn’t learn much from the meeting, but did ask the lady about purchasing a suitcase and she gave us directions to the local K Mart department store. One suitcase badly damaged on way here from Miami. After the meeting, we had a hearty breakfast then obtained some photos of the hotel ready for the blog. We ... read more
1st cruise ship
local grafiti

Thought we would try out breakfast at the pool bar this morning. The pool is just by reception, so we had to climb the stairs first so were ready for some food. It was already about 28 degrees by the time we got there at about 9.30am and the only table in the shade were at the bar, so we sat there and made friends with the barman. It was a very reasonably priced meal freshly cooked. We will be doing this again. A quality unrushed breakfast. We walked back down the stairs only to find that for some strange reason our key had stopped working. The only office on the complex is at the top, so we had to walk all the way back to the top to get it sorted. Afterwards we decided that ... read more

Had an early start today as we had to be back at the airport for 0600 for our first flight of the day to Miami. The Bahamas are very American, but not actually part of USA, so before we boarded the flight we had to go through all USA customs security checks. George particularly was selected for extra security checks. When we had cleared out the fridge in the apartment this morning, there were still some grapes left. We though these would be nice to eat at the airport whilst we waited for the plane, but because they are on the list of restricted items, we were not allowed to do this. This then prompted customs to check our other bags to make sure we had nothing else we should not have had. Everything else was ... read more
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Charlotte Armelie

Where are we now? We have left Culebra finally after being there for over a week. We enjoyed our time in Puerto Rico, but we started to get antsy waiting for the seas to calm down some so we could move on. We left Culebra with two other boats that we have been traveling with on and off since the Bahamas. We traveled to St. Thomas which is one of the US Virgin Islands. For those of you that are not aware, the USVI are made up of St Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. These islands were purchased from the Danish in 1911. On this trip we plan to visit two of the three. Our first stop was St. Thomas at Lindbergh Bay where we joined up with 2 other boats that we had been ... read more
In our cool shades
Local Buses
Where land, sea & air meet

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