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Last spring when we made the decision to re-power Whisper with a Beta engine, we had no idea how long and complicated a process it would be. It should not have been, but hindsight is 20-20. The new engine arrived in Puerto Rico on August 17, 2015. It was not installed until November 23rd. Whisper did not go into the water until January 15, 2016, 2 months after our initial splash date! And then, all was not well. Turns out that the engine was not aligned properly and there seems to be an issue with the new prop that caused significant vibrations in the propulsion system. Another haul-out in February, re-align the engine, change the prop and our vibrations have been reduced, but still more than the Beta rep thinks we should have. So, our next ... read more
Engine room
New Engine
Easy does it

We stayed at Christmas Cove a few more days and enjoyed watching the daytripper snorkeling boats, the sailing classes from the yacht club across the bay, and the sunsets. The snorkeling had been pretty good when my sister and her friend was with us, so I decided to jump in again, alone this time. I kayaked in to the beach – the boat was a bit far from shore – donned my gear and swam along the shore. I soon saw why the tour boats stopped here. There were fish everywhere. Hiding in the rock ledges, camouflaged above the sand and grasses, swimming around boulders, swimming at the surface. I’m still not great at identifying the fish and other sea life, but know a few such as the Blue Tang, Parrot Fish, Sergeant Majors, and Angelfishes. ... read more
m/v Cinnamon Bay
Sailing lessons
Whisper Little Lameshur Bay

Welcome to my travel blog! I decided to create this blog for my parents, mainly because my mom was so excited about the idea. Then I got to thinking! What a great idea it is to be able to document my trip for everyone close to me whom I love with all my heart.... read more

Voici notre 2e publication de blogue ... Qui s'intitule Le mois des Rencontres Québécoises ... Tout à fait bizarre car Nous n'avions rien planifié à ce sujet et Nous avons rencontré tout ce beau Monde ... Que la Vie est Belle !!! Nous sommes actuellement à St-John dans les Iles Vierges Américaines (USVI) ... Ici toutes les Iles sont très rapprochées les unes des autres, maximum 2 heures entre chacune, ce qui fait que Nous pouvons être une journée en territoire Britannique ... les BVI ... ou Espagnol ... ou encore Américain ... Pourquoi au juste, le Canada n'a pas encore son Ile dans le Sud ??? St-John Nous permet de retrouver le calme de la Nature, puisque cette Ile et ses Eaux ont été décrétées Parc National ... Nous Nous adonnons donc au Snorkeling, à ... read more
1 PT 001 - Peter Island - BVI
1 PT 002 - Peter Island - BVI
1 PT 003 - Charlotte Amalie - St-Thomas - USVI

In May of 2008 we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas and I took a day trip to St. John with another guest (Chris Madden, world famous designer) on the Lady Lindsey Catamaran. Since then we had been curious about St. John so we decided to stay a week at the Westin and look the island over. We arrived via US AIR (first class with miles) on St. Thomas and were met by the Westin staff and quickly transported by shuttle then ferry to the hotel. Make sure your booking includes transportation through the hotel to the hotel dock as this was quick, and efficient. We booked the package through US AIR vacations as I have found it impossible to beat a vacation package with all the tax and so on included versus booking ... read more
Beaches of St. Joh
Beaches of St. Joh

Mardi le 15 février 2011, Bonjour, Déjà le 15 février, l’hiver est à moitié fini. Ma sœur Louise a passé son deuxième traitement de chimio la semaine dernière et a malheureusement commencé à perdre ses cheveux mais elle va bien et réagit bien aux traitements. Elle a très peu d’effet secondaire et son moral est bon. Cette semaine, ce sera son troisième traitement et après ils lui passeront un scan pour vérifier si le traitement fait effet. En ce qui nous concerne, tout va bien et la température chaude est toujours au rendez-vous. Nous avons exploré l’île de St-Thomas (Superficie de 32 milles carrés, dont la population est de 51,500 habitants) dans à peu près tous les coins et c’est vraiment l’endroit idéal car tout est à portée de main ou de dinghy!!! Restos, épiceries, ... read more
On se croirait à St-Sauveur neige en moins.
Coucher de soleil à Honeymoon Beach
Le boardwalk de St. Croix

Last night, my parents sat out on our balcony while Oliver slept to allow for Andrew and me to take a late beach walk and swim together. It felt so good to have time to connect and talk with him and enjoy the vacation together. We talked about plans for the following day and decided that we wanted to embark on an adventure and go to Saint John. Saint John is another island in the US Virgin Islands, and it's only three miles from Saint Thomas. My mom and sister joined Andrew, Oliver and me. We took a taxi from our hotel to Red Hook. There are two locations on the island that offer ferries to Saint John. Red Hook is one of them; it's a cheaper and shorter ferry ride, but it was a longer ... read more
My Mom and the Roosters
Spy Glass Brunch in Saint John
Hiking up Lind Trail in Saint John

March 21 - The Ultimate Lazy Vacation Day - nothing to tell really. The day consisted of lots of sleep, deli sandwiches, pool time, more sleep, more food, a bad movie (It’s Complicated with Alec Baldwin & Meryl Streep), and more sleep. Like I said, vacationing at its best. March 22 - Since yesterday was a solid day of what we like to call “filth-wallowing,” we decided that we needed to make the most of our last day of vacation, so we headed to the beach with water sports in mind. Because of our late start (hey, we tried but we are on vacation, remember?), we had to decide between taking a wave-runner or a dinghy out. ( We figured we can always wave-run, so we opted to rent the dingy and snorkel gear and head ... read more
On our way to some of the best snorkeling . . .
Sean's ready to go!
Mission accomplished and back to the hotel

March 20, 2010 Today was definitely an entertaining day full of crazy coincidences and connections - most of which happened in the evening . . . We’ll begin with a quick overview of the day: We slept until noon, which meant our day began with a deli lunch followed by beach time. We ventured out on the paddle bikes - 2 pontoons and a bike with a paddleboat paddle. More work than it looks but fun and a decent workout. Since we had to stay in the bay, we got a nice view of all the beautiful homes on the beach front (stay tuned for pics - they were taken from our water camera). From the ocean we jumped to the hot tub and the pool - it was an afternoon of lounging at its best. ... read more
View from our room
Love our camera self-timer!
Lunch on the balcony

March 19, 2010 I woke up early this morning and sat in the living room of our little cottage working to the sound of the waves . . . Sean slept right up until check-out at 11. We said good-bye to Gallows and caught a safari taxi to the Westin Resort about a mile North on the outskirts of town. As we drove away we realized the true benefit of Gallows - being so close to the downtown. But as we drove up to the Westin, we realized its’ benefits as well - being right on the beach with a huge pool and hot tub. Since our room wasn’t ready due to our early arrival, we decided to explore the grounds. Iguanas are everywhere! Though creepy, they seem to be used to people and thus do ... read more
And headed that way - to the Westin!
Exploring the grounds . . .
Creepy Iguana

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