Providenciales of the Turks and Caicos Island

Published: December 3rd 2006
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Happy HourHappy HourHappy Hour

Annie, Capt Eric & Christiane
Saturday December 2nd 2006

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos - Turtle cove marina

The Turk & Caicos Islands, a British dependent territory comprising eight islands and some 40 cays. Lie at the southeastern end of the Bahamas. The Islands are generally flat, with rolling hills, with the highest elevation found on Grand Turk at 250 feet. Legend purports the Islands were named from the scarlet dome of the barrel-shaped Turks Head cactus which reminds one of a Turkish fez and the word “cayos” for small islands. The Islands aptly proclaimed, “Beautiful by Nature”, are the land fall islands of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage in search of the Far East in 1492.

This is our fifth day here, the weather has greatly improved and our skin is back to an Island color Mon!!!.

We have met up with our old friend Philippe, a Belgium sailor whom we meet some four years ago in the Bahamas. He is now living here and is in the process of constructing a house. He has been great, driving us all over the place and we have laughed our asses off!!

Friday evening we all went over to Didier’s home, a local
Island DogIsland DogIsland Dog

I am an Island dog, because I sleep all day Mon!!!!
wine importer called Turquoise Distribution. We savored some incredible wines for the huge selection of wines from all over the world which he imports. If you need great wine he’s your man…. Thank you once again Didier..

Yesterday (Saturday) were invited to Mango Reef Restaurant on Grace Bay. We ended being part of a commercial they were filming to promote this great restaurant. Isabelle, the owner, was great fun and while the film crew was shooting different scenes, we all enjoyed great drinks and ate some amazing food. After the producer edits this film it should be live on their web site, sometime in early January 07, located at

Last night we were over at Yanick’s place, an Islander’s home for an Island BBQ. He has a great house in Long Bay with just a short walk to the beach. He has been so very generous and even lent us a four wheel drive for our short stay here. Tonight we have plans to have a beach fire which should have taken place last night, but the wind was to strong. Poor Yanick will have to put up with us again tonight!!!

Our crew (Christiane &
Yes Christmas trees, Why Not!!Yes Christmas trees, Why Not!!Yes Christmas trees, Why Not!!

Yes 350$ Christmas trees,, They are imported from Nova Scotia..
Benoit) fly back to Montreal on Tuesday morning so you can be sure that we will keep them very busy until then, to maximize there short time here..… Annie & I will be staying here till later this next week, before setting sail to our next destination.

Till soon….

Annie & Eric

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Conch FarmConch Farm
Conch Farm

In Provo, they have started to farm conch as it has been over fished for years..
Marked StonesMarked Stones
Marked Stones

No these are not head stones, but are marked stones from back in 1800 hundreds. This one is from 1844 by D.Harriott C.L.P Taylor. They are on top of Sapodilla Bay hill and there are many of them. Locals say that they where scribed by Pirates as they stood watch for Spanish galleons.

3rd December 2006

It looks beautiful over there! I'm really glad everything's going alright with you guys, hope to hear from you again soon! It started snowing back here in montreal just now. Crazy weather for the past week, I tell ya.
3rd December 2006

Lucky You
How spectacular and a dream of a lifetime to be doing what you are!! How beautiful it all looks. Grace Beach in particular .... I certainly think it all looks like paradise!! Will we be seeing you on the Mango Reef site? Conch farms are something that I didn't know about and very interesting. You will be sneakily glad to know that while you are basking in the sun and taking in the laid-back lifestyle of the islands, we are having flying snow (quite big flakes) and all the ground is covered in the white stuff. Pretty to look at ...... but that's as far as it goes!! Luv ya lots xxxxx Fay

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