"Beauty in Nature",The Island of South Caicos

Published: May 27th 2017
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I arrived in South Caicos last December 2 ,2016.It was my second time to be outside of my country for an employment.South Caicos is really delightful place for someone who seeks the beauty and tranquility of the seas or for someone like me who loves to watch sunset and sunrise over the horizon.I find the views anywhere on the island panoramic.

Beaches of white sands,turquoise-colored sea,beautiful rock formations along the cliff and the vast Atlantic Ocean just around the corner waiting to be visited are some of its distinctive features.There were resort hotels located along the beautiful beaches where you can stay while enjoying the climates of tropical.It is a nice place to tan yourself and run wild and free while wearing those sets of bikini.The resorts also provide water recreation to adds up the fun of the visitor's stay.

Donkeys are plenty in the island.They are wild and love to eat boxes from any sort.You will find a lot of them roaming around especially to the peninsula where shrubs and greens are abundant.It once crossed my mind to tame one donkey so i have something to ride on but it was too impossible.They will start running away the moment they notice you getting near to them as you are to eat them.I've read on some books that they are friendly and can be ride on but i guess not this time.They will might kick you on the balls and i think that would be deadly.Too bad.You will also see horses on the town proper roaming around.

The town is very peaceful and the locals are friendly.It is only small town and most of the people earn their living from fishing.I've already gained a lot of friends and if we have time,we go for a fishing together.By the way,Fishing in South Caicos is allowed only for those who have license but still,there are some places where they let anyone to fish.The life in the island is simple,far from the city we knew, and those simple way of living are what makes life more meaningful to the islanders.

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