Photos from Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos, Central America Caribbean

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Conch Shells
Great Beauty
A day in the sun
Places like Salt Cay
Interesting characters
Friendship 7
Vibrant colors
Local Flowers
Island Architecture
Sand and Shells
The beach is calling
Enjoying the island
Local Transportation
The liquor store
Grand Turk Lighthouse
Dave Driving
A Quiet Pier
Grand Turk
Dave sitting in with the band
Poolside dining
A dive boat waiting.....
Dive Master
Great diving in Grand Turk
Conch Shell
A peaceful day of Sailing
Turks Head Beer
A delightful Gin & Tonic
Oprey Beach Hotel
Beach Riding
Peaceful Waters
Grand Turk Sunset
Turquoise Waters are Amazing
Presidente Beer & Conch Shell
And I Snorkel
My Commercial Shot
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