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Background: We began our trip in style with a limo trip to the airport (courtesy of Deb, our travel agent) and processed through the ignominious TSA experience in good time leaving plenty of time to wait for the flight to Miami. We flew in one of the smaller jets with our seats in the row in front of the exit row. Lesson learned on this experience: the near vertical, non reclining seat was not good for the backs – next time ask questions of our cruise line booking person, if possible. Our stay at the Hyatt Pier Sixty Six hotel was uneventful except for the acquaintance with resort prices in a “past its prime” facility. The room views were marvelous of the intercostal waterway on a beautiful afternoon and we were close to the pier to ... read more

Well, we have reached our final port before Fort Lauderdale! We arrived at our Grand Turk dock about 1:00 this afternoon and are scheduled to sail toward Fort Lauderdale at 6:45. Grand Turk is only 7 miles long and just over 1 mile wide and is the capital and seat of the Turks and Caicos government. It has been a longtime favorite destination for divers to explore the 7,000 foot-deep pristine coral walls that drop down only 300 yards out to sea. On shore, the tiny, quiet island is home to white-sand beaches, the National Museum, and a small population of wild horses and donkeys, which leisurely meander past the white-walled courtyards, cute churches, and bougainvillea-covered colonial inns. Although it has the 2nd largest population of all the Turks and Caicos, Grand Tusk’s permanent population is ... read more
Check Out this Line!
Side by Side
John Glenn Space Capsule

When you board the plane your mind instantly starts wandering; you can almost feel the warmth of the tropical winds, high humidity and imagine the wonder of diving along a coral wall looking into the deep blue abyss around you. Your journey to the islands starts as you relax, unwind and leave the day to day behind you. You grab a brief moment to think about the fact that you fled the cold Pittsburh winter to stare at the clear turquoise waters, scuba dive, relax and read. Sitting on the tarmack waiting to for the plane to be de-iced, we are in search of a few days without phones, beepers and blackberries. For the uninformed we want to let you know that only 11 days before we left for the islands, Pittsburgh was hit with 21 ... read more
Turquoise Waters are Amazing
Grand Turk Sunset
A Quiet Pier

Well today unfortunately didn’t go as planned as we had some bad news this afternoon. We arrived in Grand Turk early in the morning. Lin didn’t have any tours booked but I had a 4x4 Safari tour that didn’t leave until 12:30. So we had a leisurely breakfast in the Lido then headed off to do some shopping (Lin’s idea not mine). She was trying to find some shoes (she forgot her walking shoes) but the shops right at the dock don’t have that type of thing. It was very hot (someone said over 100 and it seemed that way to me) so we decided to stop by Margaritaville to cool off (ok I had a coke and Lin had an Ice Tea). We were the only ship in port so it wasn’t very crowded. Lin ... read more
Grand Turk
Grand Turk
Grand Turk

Today Mel, Jess and I were in Grand Turk. Once again, our original plans were messed up due to some disorganization elsewhere on the ship, but we still made the most of it. A few weeks back, I’d done the Flow Rider (surf machine) in Grand Turk for a tour with my teens. I’d told Mel and Jess how much fun it was, so they decided it was something they wanted to try. I got a pool-side chair next to the Flow Rider so I had a front-row view of the action. Which also meant I got lots of good photos - and videos! - of the girls in action. And they were really good! Both of them managed to pull off quite a few of the “tricks” that the instructors get you to attempt doing. ... read more
Jess Gets Swept Away

Today we’re in Grand Turk. As part of my teen program, every cruise I offer a shore excursion where the teens get to go on a tour in port with their friends and me - no parents. Gin, who is cruising with me, and I had had plans to go on a tour of the island and hang out on the beach afterwards. But with such a high teen count, of course I had enough teens sign up to run the tour this cruise, so I had to work. Ginny went off on the bus tour on her own and I met my teens to take them ashore. I had 8 teens today - the largest teen tour I’ve ever run! We didn’t have far to go; our tour was right on the beach at the ... read more
Back in Grand Turk
Teens on Tour
My Turn

My last port day has arrived. Today we were in Grand Turk. A small island, not a lot there. But still very nice. I'd never expected to come back here again, after having been here last year while on the Legend. But, there I was. Jody and I went on a snorkel / beach tour. We went to Governor's Beach, part of a park, really close to the ship. The water in Grand Turk is extremely salty but it makes the water stunning blue and the sand very white. The beach was lined with - I couldn't get over it - ever-green trees! I didn't know pine trees existed on tropical islands! They didn't look like our "Christmas trees" back home, closer to a willow almost, but the branches were all covered with long, soft needles. ... read more
Grand Turk
My Commercial Shot
The View Below

We were in Grand Turk today, but only from 7am - 2pm which sucked. After a long night of work, we were also out at the disco late so getting up this morning was difficult. Brooks & I were lying on the beach by 11:00. I promptly fell asleep - until it was time to get back on the ship for lunch and work! It felt a bit like a waste of a port day, but I’ve already seen all of the island, so there wasn’t much to do besides lie on the beach. We were in port with another Carnival ship, the Elation, today. Didn’t go on the ship this time, but we had good views of their Lido Deck from ours. I’ve been having a good cruise with my teens. I think they’re having ... read more
Sailing Away From Grand Turk
The Elation
The Elation's Lido Deck and Grand Turk

We’re back on Grand Turk today. Except now I’ve already seen the whole island, so there’s not much to do beside lie on the beach. So I did. All day. Except for the hour spent in Margaritaville with Brooks, Chelsea & Kristina (they’re both production singers). If you’re ever coming to Grand Turk, come for the beach, not for the Margaritaville. The Parrothead Café is better! I took a long walk along the beach on my own just before coming on the ship which was really nice. Peaceful. Pretty. Tonight I went to see the Guster concert. I’d never heard of them before this cruise, but I really really really enjoyed them. They have a boppy rock sort of sound, very early 90s, sort of reminded me of some combination of Blind Melon, Filter and BNL. ... read more
The Grand Turk Sunshine
Just A Cool Rock
Me & Brooks in Grand Turk

Today’s port of call was Grand Turk, the capital of the Turk and Caicos Islands. The island is only 7 miles long, 1 ½ miles wide and has about 6000 people living on the island. Many people had told me about how beautiful the island was and it certainly is beautiful, but completely different that I’d imagined. I’d pictured a lush tropical island, but Grand Turk is all sand, water and salt. The salt industry used to be huge on the island and there are salt water ponds all over it. Because of all of the salt, vegetation cannot survive in its waters, so the visibility is astounding. The clearest blue waters and white sand beaches ring the entire island. I went on my first official excursion - the hop-on/hop-off bus tour of the island. I ... read more
From the Cliffs At Lighthouse Park
Lighthouse Park
The Cliffs At Lighthouse Park

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