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Grand Turk Blog 31st January 2020 The islands come thick and fast Grand Turk Island is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s dotted with the remains of salt ponds and windmills from the island’s sea salt industry, prevalent from the 17th to 20th century. The 19th-century Grand Turk Lighthouse is perched on a rocky bluff in the north. Beaches with clear water ring the island, which is home to wild horses and donkeys. In Cockburn Town, the island's central capital, coastal Duke and Front streets are lined with old, Bermudian-style buildings. The Turks and Caicos National Museum has exhibits on the island’s history. Close to Governor’s Beach, in the south, cruise ships arrive at the Grand Turk Cruise Center, home to restaurants, shops and a swimming pool. The ... read more

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Huge, soft lips caress my outstretched hand as the scruffy pregnant donkey, snuffles up a piece of granola bar. Yep, there are hundreds of these gentle creatures wandering around Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. We are on a tram tour of the island and have a chance to pet and feed a group of 8 who have wandered over to check us out, as we explore this very flat 7 mile by 1 ½ mile island. The donkeys will eat whatever we have with us including drinking water from our bottles. I've convinced Cope to give up his Granola Bars for the donkeys ;-) There are people on the tram that can't wait to feed and pet them (me) and then others that are saying, "Don't touch those creatures, ... read more
Sweet Donkeys
Got food?
Fun with locals

19thDec Grand Turk What a difference a day makes. LOVE Grand Turk. It’s a beautiful little island and straight away, you get a good feeling about the place. It really is small, we (J&J and us) took a tour up to the top of the island to the light house and it’s only a 15min drive (at the most). Donkeys and Horses reign supreme and are everywhere roaming free on the island. They used to be used for transporting the salt that was imported from here, but since that stopped, they were set free and allowed to reproduce and live on their own accord. After a visit to the light house we had some time to browse in ‘down town’. The shopping area. Beautiful and simple little stalls. WE had ‘conch’ for lunch and then went ... read more
Dock at Grand Turk
Walking ashore
pure water

Turks and Caios right off of Florida in short nautical miles down south. It's very beautiful. I will try to describe what I did but I'm a picture person when i look at Travel Guides. So if you want to see what I have, have fun! I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and I enjoyed it so much! This trip happened in 2009. I was very close to do Jet skii but oh well. At least I saw a lot of historic forts which were interesting. img= read more

Tuesday 23rd December, 2014. Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands, West Indies Grand Turk (population 5600) is one of the Turks and Caicos archiipelago. These are a group of some 40 or so cays (low-lying sand or coral islands) 30 miles south of the Bahamas and about 100 miles north east of the island of the Dominican Republic. Only 8 of the islands in the archipelago are inhabited. The capital of Grand Turk irs Cockburn but we didn't go anywhere near it. We were fenced in to the Cruise Centre and the only way out was by taxi. At $20 US each to go 2 miles we gave it a miss. You were not allowed to walk! Grand Turk is only 6.5 miles from north to south and less than 2 miles wide.The islands are not ... read more
12. M with Whale Sculpture, Govenor's Beach
21. D on Govenor's Beach
25.  M with Replica of Friendship 7 Space Capsule

15/5/13 Grand Turk We were up early as we were excited to get off the ship and explore. Grand Turk is a tiny island, a British Colony and former pirate hangout. From the balcony we could just see the tip of the island and it is very flat, with white beaches, green palm trees and sea every shade of blue and green imaginable. After disembarking we walked along the pier to the ‘welcome’ building which is basically a duty free shop, then out into a plaza surrounded by jewellery and souvenir shops. We visited the memorial to the astronaut John Glenn whose Friendship 7 space capsule landed in the sea just off the island. There was a replica of the capsule, a pretend astronaut and a small rocket with some information boards. We had a quick ... read more
2 Day Three - Grand Turk (4)
2 Day Three - Grand Turk (6)
2 Day Three - Grand Turk (8)

I have to say Turks and Caicos is one of the best Caribbean places I have ever been. I have visited this island twice now and both times the weather was absolutely perfect the whole time. I flew down with Westjet, and it is about a four hour flight. I actually really like Westjet, they have great service, snacks, they are really nice to fly. The one complaint I would have is the entertainment. While they do have seat back televisions, they have satellite TV so not always available the whole time, and my TV didn't work on the way there and my husband's didn't work on the return. Turks is a completely stunning island, white sand, crystal clear water, gorgeous! I stayed at the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, and have stayed in both the ... read more

Once upon a time, a girl with chronic wanderlust and a boy who hates the snow decided to go on a little adventure (er, another adventure). With a dirty look or two for the snow that started to fall as they headed to the airport, the adventure begins... Cheapest flights out of our province were out of Moncton this time (this was a proper holiday for relaxing, so we didn't want to drive to and from the US before/after flying), so off we went on a 2 hour drive to the airport. It started to snow about the last 30 minutes of the drive, but I think somehow that just makes leaving the snow more rewarding. Checked in in Moncton and waited for a bit at the gate before getting called up to see the agent ... read more
ceviche type dish on our food tour
food at Bolivar

A fine & sunny day greeted us as we approached our 3rd and final port on this beautiful ship. Kerry & I went to the Phantom Lounge to hear the shopping talk and to try and get some freebies as Michael hands out Jewellery but no luck there. The ship arrived at Grand Turk at 1PM. It docks at a pier very close to the beach. There was another ship at the pier the Carnival Liberty which looked to be bigger than ours and had come from Miami. This is a private beach area developed by Carnival Cruise Lines and it has all the major Jewellery Shops, Swimming Pools, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Souvenir Shops, and Duty Free. The beach area is just breathtaking with such water clarity and the turquoise colour. When we went on board ... read more
Grand Turk
Libery & Miracle side by side
Luke at the Pier

Turks & Caicos Islands - Friday – March 9th Hello from Grand Turk. Actually there is a whole morning of events to report first, because we did not arrive until about 1:00. That is 1:00 Eastern Time, so we gained an extra hour last night and got to sleep in. That was good because we did go to the late night movie and saw The Artist - it was kind of strange, but Janet really wanted to see it. We did get up early enough to go to the sit-down breakfast in the Da Vinci Dining Room. The special for today was Eggs Benedict (which Janet really wanted), but this is a Friday in Lent, so we settle for cheese omelets (Janet’s had mushrooms too). We sat at a table for 8 and met ... read more
Entry to Grand Turk from Pier
Coastline near Lighthouse
Space Capsule & Airport

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