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Tobago Blog 17th January 2020 The island of Tobago is part of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the most southerly and our next port of call after our extended stay in Bridgetown, Barbados. Sailing overnight we arrived for a short stay on this idyllic island. Tobago has had a chequered history since being discovered by Christopher Columbus, after much fighting mainly between the Dutch and French the island was eventually ceded to Britain in 1814. In 1888 Tobago was joined by its larger island of Trinidad and independence was achieved and in 1962 the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago was borne. Tourism is the islands main income and this is apparent in the capital city of Scarborough where we berthed. There was a lot of competition for our custom at the port gates whether to ... read more

T n' T - sounds like an explosive combination? Well, rest assured that after the multiple hi jinx of Trinidad carnival, the smaller of the two islands Tobago may well provide just the ticket when it comes to that soul-soothing comedown which will set the pulse rate back to something resembling normality. Tobago is famed for having the nation's greatest beaches, friendly inhabitants, and a couple of features which attempt to slot it into the paradise category which residents and visitors alike can easily associate it with. The main cluster of hotels and tourist-oriented hubbub can be found in the airport's neighbouring settlement of Crown Point which, although not coastal, is a convenient enough area to be based whilst enjoying the fruits of the amenities the island has to offer. The island's only town of any ... read more
Row of buildings
Bay of Castara
Argyle Waterfall

Charlotteville, Tobago, March 2001 This is my third visit to Charlotteville in as many years. I am renting an apartment up on the hill overlooking the bay. The view from my balcony is superb. In the foreground is a floriferous garden brimming with insect- and bird-life. Bananaquits dart from bush to bush; hummingbirds scintillate among the flowers. In the middle distance is the village centre with its contextually vast football pitch and tin-roofed, predominantly wooden houses. Over to the left are hillsides where orange-blossomed immortelle trees light up the surrounding greenness. The crowning glory of this picture is the sea – a sun-dappled expanse of grey-blue speckled with white yachts and little fishing boats. Each boat carries two rods, one on each side, which lean symmetrically outwards at 45º, like the outspread wings of some giant ... read more
Pirates Bay
Blue-Crowned Mot-Mot

Yeah Man, welcome to Tobago! Can you put Tobago on the map...probably not for most of you. And it has nothing to do with Tobago Cays in Grenadine! Tobago is one of the two island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, the most Southern nation of the Caribbean. Venezuela is actually just next door! Trinidad is home to some 1.2 millions inhabitants....while the smaller Tobago has just 50,000 inhabitants. Trinidad is full of oil and gaz just offshore of the island...Tobago is way more relax and...Caribbean! My British Airways flight did Gatwick, little stop in St Lucia, and finally Port-of-Spain on Trinidad. We arrived 50 minutes late and I missed my short connection on Caribbean Airlines to Tobago. No problem Sir, next flight is only one hour later, here is your boarding pass. Welcome to an island ... read more
It's a turtle life!
Yes, it's very rasta style around it! Not sure this is the write word thought!

Hello Family and Friends We decided it was time to branch out a bit and see some of the island. I met a lady on the beach from Canada who lives here 6 months of the year who recommended an excellent tour guide called "Mr. Piggy"! And the island tour certainly didn't disappoint. It was a great day with Mr. Piggy and our driver Jeremy. We started north along the Caribbean side and as soon as we left the Crown Point area, the landscape became very hilly and lush. Kind of reminded us of Costa Rica. The further we went the more mountaineous it became and the road became steep and windy with breathtaking views along the coast. Much of the interior is protected reserve forest with no road access. The one road that goes around ... read more
Parlatuvier Bay
Englishman's Bay
Typical Fishing Village

Hello Friends and Family! We arrived safe and sound in Tobago last Saturday and all is well! In general, we would have to give Tobago a thumbs up! We chose to stay in the area of Crowne Point in the south western corner of the island. Here is where most of the tourist facilities are and the best beaches. Even though it is geared for tourists it is small, quiet and relaxed with only a handful of tourists. Most of the visitors we have met so far seem to be from Sweden, Germany and the UK with a few from Canada. It is quite a change from Isla which has become very busy with tourists over the years. So for now we are enjoying slow paced days in a beautiful tropical setting. Apparently tourism is not ... read more
Pigeon Point Beach
Reef Coo Beach
Hummingbird just outside our room

Thursday February 12th, 2015. Scarborough, Tobago Trinidad and Tobago is an independent nation and Republic within the Commonwealth. Tobago, the smaller of the two islands and 22 miles north east of Trinidad, features lush rainforest and glorious beaches and is surrounded by colourful coral reefs with more than 600 species of fish. Winner of the World Travel Awards 'Best Eco Destination in the World', Tobago has over 6,000 species of plants and animals including one of the highest densities of bird species in the world. It is a nature lover's paradise. Although it is only 26 miles by 7 the island has hundreds of species of birds, plants flowers and wildlife and the oldest protected rainforest in the Western hemisphere. The climate is tropical and the island lies just to the south of the Atlantic hurricane ... read more
15. Castara Bay
19. Pigeon Point Beach
23. The Pier at Pigeon Point

For almost forty years when I worked in the hotel and tourism sector, international visitors invariably asked the same question ... Where do you go for vacation if you live on such a beautiful island? the answer is obvious. I go in search of what I don't have here.... Continents, teeming cities, large landscapes, ancient and prehistoric existences and the like. South Africa is 471,845 sq miles vs Tobago's 116. That's four thousand times bigger. Populations compared - 44million in 2002 vs 50,000 is 880 times bigger. it contains renowned prehistoric antiquity, awesome wild life, proud tribes people their cultures and turbulent colonial history, beautiful landscapes and cities teeming with lively action. So Africa here I come for the ride of a lifetime!!!!... read more

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Tobago 5th February 2015 Tobago is just a 25minute flight across the 19 miles of sparkling turquoise water from Trinidad, bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east. But in this sleepy land where time melts languidly by each day the choice of a dreamy ferry-ride bears more appeal to both mind and pocket for those with time to spare; asleep in the shade on deck under a knotted-hanky for the price of a few stops on the London Tube - or better still, free for the over 60’s. Trinidad and Tobago certainly offers choice. Tobago is the smaller of the two main islands of this fascinating Republic. At 26 X 7 miles it’s little more than an hour’s drive from south to ... read more
Doing the business
Parlatuvier Bay
The Red-billed Tropicbird

Fourteen days to go.... I haven't been this excited for quite some time... and it's not just because I will soon be travelling. I have done that for years and always loved doing it. This time it's because I'm going somewhere I never dreamed I'd visit - to the African continent. Now, here I am on the threshold - soon to be climbing the steps to board the aircraft. Wow!! How did this happen? Simple. My sister has a long time Uni friend from the UK who now lives in the Western Cape. Her name is Alison. She visited us at home in the Caribbean last year and now we will visit her in Africa. And just like that, in a snap, I'm about to visit where I'd never imagined going. My tiny peaceful island neighbourhood ... read more
Flowering yellow poui and flambouyant trees
Goats in training for the Buccoo goat races
The day's catch

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