...."The Journey Now Start......"

Published: February 9th 2015
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For almost forty years when I worked in the hotel and tourism sector, international visitors invariably asked the same question ... Where do you go for vacation if you live on such a beautiful island? the answer is obvious. I go in search of what I don't have here.... Continents, teeming cities, large landscapes, ancient and prehistoric existences and the like. South Africa is 471,845 sq miles vs Tobago's 116. That's four thousand times bigger. Populations compared - 44million in 2002 vs 50,000 is 880 times bigger. it contains renowned prehistoric antiquity, awesome wild life, proud tribes people their cultures and turbulent colonial history, beautiful landscapes and cities teeming with lively action.

So Africa here I come for the ride of a lifetime!!!!


9th February 2015

You go Gurl!
Sawbona Margs! Yay for the travel blog. Looking forward to your entries. Wherever you all are currently, be well and be safe. Have a wonder-FULL time. P.S. I love hippos...dey so BIG.

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