Our time in Bequia - January 11 - January 31, 2012

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As we mentioned we are currently in Bequia, one of the many islands that are part of the Grenadines and therefore part of the country of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We found it was a very pleasant island to spend some time on our travels south last year. Luckily there are a few ways we as cruisers can find out the schedule of events on the various islands in the Caribbean. We had heard great thi... Read Full Entry

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Local sailors in trainingLocal sailors in training
Local sailors in training

Many days we get a chance to see the local sailboats darting around the anchorage. As Bob says they are training the next generation of Bequia sailors.

It looked like the pirates were anchoring at Bequia. We did hear that Johnny Deep had lunch at one of the local restaurants one day – not sure if he was on this boat or not, but it looked possible.
Browsing up?Browsing up?
Browsing up?

Many of the shops are very narrow, therefore their merchandise are on display from floor to ceiling. This puts a new perspective on “browsing” as anything you really want to see someone has to get down for you.
One of many vendorsOne of many vendors
One of many vendors

One of the many vendors at the market in Kingstown. They are fortunate to have a place inside to sell.
3 floors tall??3 floors tall??
3 floors tall??

It was hard to believe that this split-leaf philodendron was growing 3 stories high!
A tiring day for allA tiring day for all
A tiring day for all

Everyone was tired after spending the day in Kingstown as seen by the crowd on the return trip on the ferry.
The populated areasThe populated areas
The populated areas

This part of the island of St. Vincent is quite heavily populated.
The windward sideThe windward side
The windward side

The windward side of the island is beautiful but not a bay that many bring their boat to.
One of the headlinersOne of the headliners
One of the headliners

Saturday night the big headliner was Arturo Tappin on his saxophone with 3 vocalists.
A peaceful viewA peaceful view
A peaceful view

A view out toward Admiralty Bay from near the town dock.
Meet me at the Almond TreeMeet me at the Almond Tree
Meet me at the Almond Tree

This almond tree is known as the place to meet in Port Elizabeth.
Taxi anyone?Taxi anyone?
Taxi anyone?

The local taxis are really pickup trucks set up with open air benches in the back for the passengers.
What is she playing??What is she playing??
What is she playing??

Only a couple of the numerous musicians we heard at the Friday night event. You are seeing correctly if you figured that the woman, Veronica, is playing a washboard. It was amazing what music she got out of it – she also played the kazoo and the ukulele.
A small section A small section
A small section

Just a small section of the crowd on the least crowded night of the festival. Saturday was wall to wall people.
What a venueWhat a venue
What a venue

We were listening to music that could easily have been heard in New Orleans, but we had a great view of the windward side of the island with the palm trees swaying.
Dancing in Bare FeetDancing in Bare Feet
Dancing in Bare Feet

The beach provided a great dance “floor” for our friends, Melinda and Dave.
Ragin CajunRagin Cajun
Ragin Cajun

Tony, a fellow cruiser on Ragin Cajun is also an excellent musician and played at a number of the events this weekend.
Bob's artistic sideBob's artistic side
Bob's artistic side

Bob took a walk on the beach and took this artistic photo so had to put it in.

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