The Start of the Windward Islands - Martinique to Bequia

Published: June 24th 2011
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Martinique was the last of the French islands that we will be visiting this season. The Windward Islands run from Martinique to Grenada and were to be the easier ones to sail as we were now heading south. We left Trois Ilets in Martinique around 6AM on a Friday, June 10th and arrived in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia about 1PM. The wind started out light, but then built to 15 knots which was great. We ... Read Full Entry

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A view of Admiralty BayA view of Admiralty Bay
A view of Admiralty Bay

A view of Admiralty Bay from Mt. Pleasant shows the sandy bottom and the number of boats anchored there.
A budding photographerA budding photographer
A budding photographer

Mikayla from Happy Times with her trusty camera while on the island tour.
On the wild sideOn the wild side
On the wild side

A view of the wilder Atlantic side of Bequia. Another reason we sail on the lea side of the islands.
The end of sugar mills in 1920'sThe end of sugar mills in 1920's
The end of sugar mills in 1920's

The sugar production ended in the 1920’s on the island. At its prime there were 11 mills and this is one of the remains.
Which coast is it?Which coast is it?
Which coast is it?

The rocks remind you of the Maine coast, but it is still the Caribbean as you can see by the color of the water.
Sunset in BequiaSunset in Bequia
Sunset in Bequia

Every day we see numerous ferries leaving and entering the harbor at Bequia. The last run is around sunset as shown here.
Anyone for a solar water heater?Anyone for a solar water heater?
Anyone for a solar water heater?

We of course had to explore the local hardware and saw this solar water heater for sale.
A helpful vendorA helpful vendor
A helpful vendor

We finally got to see a close up of the callaloo leaf as shown by this very friendly vendor. Many chop it up and boil it to make a soup, however, we have had it made into fritters as well.
Seed everywhereSeed everywhere
Seed everywhere

Taminand seeds are in abundance at the markets.
A riot of colorA riot of color
A riot of color

The colors of the market are a feast for the eyes.
Fire or water?Fire or water?
Fire or water?

What looks like a fire tower is actually a water tower for collecting rain water for those dry times of year when it will be needed.
Police Headquarters in KingstonPolice Headquarters in Kingston
Police Headquarters in Kingston

The police station in Kingston is quite impressive. I tried to find the history from one of the police officers but he didn’t know it.
The British InfluenceThe British Influence
The British Influence

The British influence is still seen in the uniform’s worn by the police in St. Vincent.
Anyone for fresh fish?Anyone for fresh fish?
Anyone for fresh fish?

The local fisherman are able to sell their fish at this great market built by the Japanese. It was a very active place on Saturday morning. We were sorry we couldn’t buy any as we are working hard at emptying our freezer before putting the boat on the hard in Trinidad.
A beverage standA beverage stand
A beverage stand

Instead of a bottle you get a coconut handed to you so you can drink the coconut water. It was very refreshing and not very sweet.
Cobblestone in St VincentCobblestone in St Vincent
Cobblestone in St Vincent

A cobblestone home that has been converted to an inn and shops in Kingston.
Every corner is filledEvery corner is filled
Every corner is filled

Every where you looked the streets were packed with vendors selling their wares.
Ready for dry seasonReady for dry season
Ready for dry season

This is a storage reservoir for rainwater so that they can get through the dry season when necessary.
Ready for all weatherReady for all weather
Ready for all weather

We all got caught out in the rain so the umbrella’s come to the rescue for the vendor and the produce.
A small cafeA small cafe
A small cafe

Megan’s Cook Shop is just one of many small “restaurants” that we found while in Kingston, St. Vincent
Vendors everywhereVendors everywhere
Vendors everywhere

The vendors must protect themselves from the sun as they sit outside all day in the hot sun as well as get stuck out in the rain as well.

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