The Start of the Windward Islands - Martinique to Bequia

Published: June 24th 2011
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Martinique was the last of the French islands that we will be visiting this season. The Windward Islands run from Martinique to Grenada and were to be the easier ones to sail as we were now heading south. We left Trois Ilets in Martinique around 6AM on a Friday, June 10th and arrived in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia about 1PM. The wind started out light, but then built to 15 knots which was great. We ... Read Full Entry

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Another SquallAnother Squall
Another Squall

We are safely in Admiralty Harbor looking at the weather that is coming. It really is quite beautiful when you know you aren’t out in it.
Diesel DeliveryDiesel Delivery
Diesel Delivery

The diesel is delivered to your vessel in Admiralty Bay, Bequia by boats such as these. They also deliver ice and they have a smaller vessel for laundry pick up. They definitely provide great services to the cruiser here.
School in BequiaSchool in Bequia
School in Bequia

The school in Port Elizabeth, Bequia is quite impressive and quite new as seen by the contractor sign out front.
Friendship RoseFriendship Rose
Friendship Rose

Friendship Rose is 100’ long and was built in Bequia 50 years ago. It was their first ferry to St. Vicent but is now a tour boat. They are doing work to repair her now.
Outboard Repair ShopOutboard Repair Shop
Outboard Repair Shop

This shop does not have much in the way of overhead. They are able to get the work done with out the frills of a shop.
Shoe Shine Anyone?Shoe Shine Anyone?
Shoe Shine Anyone?

Here is a shoe shine that was set up at the market in Bequia.
Dinner with FriendsDinner with Friends
Dinner with Friends

We had a great dinner at L’Auberge Des Grenadines, Bequia with Leigh, JP (Jean-Philippe) and Susan from SV Raconteur. We had met them while in Martinique and it was great catching up with them again.
One of manyOne of many
One of many

Only one of many of the cute kids that we met in Bequia. They were definitely not camera shy. We even had a few mothers ask us to take their photos for them. We had no problem with granting their request as we got great photos like these.
Inter-island ferry serviceInter-island ferry service
Inter-island ferry service

There is extensive ferry traffic between Bequia and the neighboring islands.
Meet me at the almond treeMeet me at the almond tree
Meet me at the almond tree

The almond tree is the meeting place in Port Elizabeth. It is the place to get a taxi or set up a meeting with someone as everyone knows where it is.
What are those stools made of?What are those stools made of?
What are those stools made of?

The Whaleboner Restaurant uses whale bones for its bar and stools. What a surprise!
A green lawnA green lawn
A green lawn

We were taken by the large green lawn at this home in Port Elizabeth as it was out of the ordinary.
A second lifeA second life
A second life

When a ski doo doesn’t function anymore you can always turn it into a dinghy like this person did.
Revenue OfficeRevenue Office
Revenue Office

The Revenue Building is an impressive building on Front Street in Port Elizabeth, Bequia.
Did it just rain??Did it just rain??
Did it just rain??

We had just walked through this area a few minutes before and it was completely dry. This is what a squall will do for the walkways very quickly.
Protecting the turtlesProtecting the turtles
Protecting the turtles

A close up of one of the hawksbill turtles that is being raised in the sanctuary until it will be safer for their release.
Great designGreat design
Great design

The various patterns on their shells is what made them valuable for jewelry and combs. They are still working on educating people about conservation of these magnificent animals.
A typical sceneA typical scene
A typical scene

Just couldn’t resist this typical Caribbean island shot.
The sign is perfectThe sign is perfect
The sign is perfect

This calendar says it all. The conch is used to announce sunset but it also is tells everyone that there is fish at the market for sale.
Kingston St VincentKingston St Vincent
Kingston St Vincent

One of the streets we walked to Kingston St Vincent on the way to the vegetable and fruit market.
A guard at the doorA guard at the door
A guard at the door

The goat seems to be guarding the front door. When I took this photo 3 women behind me had quite a laugh that I was taking the photo. I explained that this wasn’t common where I came from.

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