Phillipsburg, St Maarten

Published: April 4th 2016
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Saturday 12th March, 2016. Phillipsburg, St Maarten

M woke up this morning to find both her eyes 'glued' shut with muck. After bathing with warm water she managed to open the left one. The right one was not quite so co-operative. D went to see what the situation was with tender tickets for Gustavia. He took one look at the sea and said to Georgia "this isn't happening is it?" her reply was that it was unlikely but not to say anything to anyone until the official announcement. About an hour or so later the Captain came on and announced that it was too rough to tender and the stop was going to be aborted. Luckily D hadn't even bothered to queue as he already knew the score. The upside to this was that we would arrive in Phillipsburg much earlier, giving M the chance to sort out her eyes.

We arrived in Phillipsburg mid morning (we weren't supposed to leave Gustavia till 12.30). We walked into town and sought out the nearest Pharmacy. M went in and spoke to the pharmacist who offered her some cosmetic cure for red eyes. M said she needed something to fix her infection. Pharmacist directed her to the doctor a few doors down. M asked how much to see the doctor $100 US was the answer. M decided that the ship was cheaper so we left it. She was feeling slightly better and both her eyes were now open so we decided to go somewhere on the bus. We walked down Back Street and saw a bus that was going to Mullet Bay. We had no idea where this was, but after a quick look at the map, climbed aboard.

We missed the stop on the 40 minute journey out but the bus driver stopped on the return trip and pointed to a track across the golf course to a car park. We arrived at the beach and found a bar called Rosie's Snack Bar. Although it was only just after 12 noon they were cooking BBQ chicken. It smelled amazing. We got chatting to an American guy and his mother. The beach was very close to the airport and they were having lunch before he took her for her flight home to North Carolina. He was also travelling back to New York but not until 5 pm. They ordered the chicken and a salad which smelled amazing. After they had gone we ordered the same. It was so nice to eat something different from the ship's food.

After lunch we went to sit on the lovely white sand. D went for a swim but M gave it a miss because of her eyes. After the swim we walked to a headland at the end of Mullet Bay. Here we had great views in both directions, but it started to rain. We decided to abort and to return to Phillipsburg. We walked to the end of the track on the golf course side of the beach and a bus showed up within 30 seconds - Result! The taxi advertised a chemist in Front Street, Phillipsburg, that was open until 5.00 pm on a Saturday. When we got back we sought it out and a very kind pharmacist, who could see the state of M's eyes (which were 100% better than they were this morning) sold her some eyewash and an ointment containing a mild antibiotic. She also mentioned that someone else from our ship had been in that morning with the same problem.

We did go to dinner but M didn't eat much. We gave the shows a miss too. M went to bed after treating her eyes with the wash and the gel.

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29th May 2016

Philipsburg is always nice, last month we took the Swaliga 2 snorkeling boat from there for a trip
Philipsburg is indeed very nice, but it has changed a lot over the last years. We were there very recently and took the Swaliga 2 ( ) snorkeling boat for a snorkeling excursion to Creole Rock, Pinel Island and Tintamarre and had a great time. When we came back we walked the boardwalk for a bit but were disappointed to see that the Get Wet Bar was gone. That was such a nice place. Wonder what happened there? We decided to go to Bobby's Marina where we had dinner at 12 Metres. It was still nice to be back in Philipsburg, even if it has changed that much. We still had a great time. Thanks for this post on the forum and by that reminding me of that nice day we had there last month! really appreciated!

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