Marigot Bay

Published: February 22nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Rum RunnerRum RunnerRum Runner

The Rum Runner, anchored out behind the palm trees in Marigot Bay. Check out Kona hanging out on the bow- so cute!
After enjoying Rodney Bay for a couple of weeks we decided to sail down to Marigot Bay, just a quick 8 mile trip south along the St. Lucia coast. According to the Doyle guide this is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Caribbean- and we couldn’t agree more. We worked our way into the inner harbor and anchored the Rum Runner just behind a swath of beach that is lined with palm trees, absolutely gorgeous! We spent a few days here, just hanging out with friends and having fun. There are lots of great restaurants, bars, and boutiques to explore as well as a bakery with fresh pastries (which we enjoyed with our espresso in the mornings). It is a beautiful harbor, fully protected from the strong trade winds, and a perfect place to enjoy the easy island life.

Although one down side to Marigot Bay is all the boat boys who come over to your boat day and night trying to sell you anything and everything- from bananas, to mooring balls, to tee-shirts, to more bananas, to fresh fish, to baskets, to even more bananas, to jewelry and little trinkets, to other fruits and vegetables, and yeah…
Marigot BayMarigot BayMarigot Bay

Great view of Marigot Bay- what a picturesque anchorage.
did I mention bananas?!?! It became a running joke between our friends because really- how many bananas can one person eat? And after all of us bought bushels of bananas, which we had to find interesting ways to cook every night, we got pretty sick and tired of bananas. I know that bananas are St. Lucia’s number one crop but it just became silly. Even after we bought 30 bananas from a boat boy one day, he would still come back out the next on whatever makeshift raft or dinghy or surf board to sell you more bananas. Crazy!!!

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Boat BoyBoat Boy
Boat Boy

Hey- do you want some bananas???

22nd February 2009

Fond memories for us
Hi, Glad you finally made it to our wonderful home in St Lucia where we lived for a year.Yes, we had the bananas!Wish you could have gone to our village , Gros Islet where they had the jump-up every Fri and Sat night.Happy sailing!
22nd February 2009

You need to learn the song "Yes, we have no bananas"

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