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25thMarch – Soufriere St Lucia 39nm, big day sailing, had to dept early (0730) had to motor up the side of St Vincent but were able to sail once we cleared the headland. Once again, on the nose, bashing into it. Had to motor again once we got in the shadow of ST Lucia. WOW the pitons are just amazing. Soufriere is just the most amazing anchorage. A very stunning place. We took up a mooring as you must as it’s so deep and were just in awe of the Pitons. There were quite a few large cruise sailing ships there (including the one Fiona Lloyd is going to work on) Cleared in to ST Lucia here no problems. Out on the boat was just lovely, but ashore was a different story. We didn’t get a ... read more
The Pitons
Soufriere Bay
Happy Birthday Brownie

Not too much to say about today ... except that it was a very early start, not as hot as on previous days, and didn't go to plan :-(... read more
Rather like walking in the Lake District, but hotter, more humid and slightly more of a rain forest setting
La Pointe

It was very hot overnight and I had an uncomfortable sleep. To make matters worse, today was a sightseeing day (with little walking) and an early start. Before the alarm, at 06h00, I was getting up and taking a shower. Somehow, the water always got hot overnight and I always had to let it run a while until it cooled. This morning, it seemed to take for ever to become cool, but maybe that was just because I was tight for time. Fresh pineapple was again on offer, probably because this is the start of the pineapple season and these have travelled no further than the other side of the village. Watermelon too, these also having not travelled that far. For me though, there would be quite some travelling to do. My driver arrived at 08h00 ... read more
Mount Gimie - St. Lucia's highest point
Marigot Bay
Anse La Raye

St Lucia Following the completion of the repairs we were keen to escape from Rodney Bay. Lisa and I had met some other families and crews that we had not had the chance to meet prior to departing Las Palmas. Vince, Sally, James and Eddie stepped on board in time for us to sail south to Marigot Bay in the run up to Christmas. Sailing in company with us came Kazaio, Maloo, Chilli Cat and Senta. This made a family filled convoy who were all going to spend Christmas together. Lisa, as always, had booked ahead and found the Rainforest Cafe, which looked to be the best restaurant in town for Christmas eve. Marigot Bay is a hideaway lagoon sat behind a protective sandbar where the 1960’s Dr Doolittle was filmed. It is said ... read more
En route to Marigot Bay
Sally models the latest headgear
Christmas BBQ at Marigot Bay

Our last evening on our balcony, watching the sun set into the Caribbean. We spend our evenings cooking in our little kitchen, which has been somewhat challenging. Many fruits and vegetables are unknown or a bit strange – “love apples” that look like plums and taste between a sweet lemon and a pear; a sweet potato that is white inside and looks like an ordinary potato; avocados the size of melons, with a stone inside to match. And can anyone tell me why they sell Waitrose semi-skimmed milk here? We have no problem with the language – everyone speaks English and signs are in English. But to each other the locals speak a Caribbean Patois that is French-based but includes English words. I guess this is the result of the island changing hands 14 times between ... read more
One of the toads

This is being written on our apartment balcony. The sun is setting over the Caribbean in front of us. To the left, the twin peaks of the Piton mountains. To the right, is Anse Chastanet, our local beach. In the fridge, some kingfish steaks and fresh vegetables for dinner ... and some good local rum, just £6 a litre. From St Lucia airport, we drove off in a rather old Suzuki jeep – that's what a cheap rental gets you here. It proved ideal on some pretty poor roads, especially when we hit the final two miles to the villa, a steep and rough switchback that climbed up Hummingbird hill until we reached the villa and the view in the photos. We have tried to work at the local pace today, with a trip to Soufriere ... read more
Fish market
Fish market

Enfin, tout semble bien aller. Et nous envisageons de reprendre nos activités de visites touristiques. Et Ste-Lucie sera notre prochain objectif. Lorsque je nous présente au « réseau des navigateurs », en anglais Cruiser’s Net (une activité qui se passe sur les ondes de la radio VHF dans plusieurs ancrages touristiques où se retrouvent beaucoup de navigateurs, à voile ou à moteur), l’animateur du réseau me dit : « si vous pensez que vous n’allez rester que quelques jours sur cette île, détrompez-vous, personne ne reste moins que plusieurs semaines, voir des mois! » Puis, un bateau se présente au réseau pour dire au revoir : « Il semble que nous ayons réussi à trouver le moyen de quitter cette île »… ?? Y a-t-il ici quelque chose qui aspire les bateaux et les retient? Nous ... read more
La flottille des bateaux de la World ARC
La parade de tous les bateaux dans le port de Castries
De retour dans Rodney Bay,

St. Lucia - humid, exciting and adventurous. And a very exciting place to visit ! From the deep history, to its current laid back Caribbean feel - it all makes a great impression.... read more
Town square, Soufriere
video rental, soufriere

Depuis une semaine, nous sommes à la Soufrière et aux Pitons, une réserve mondiale de l'Unesco. Nous voulions y faire du snorkel et de la marche. Jusqu'à maintenant, nous avons joué aux dés et au skip-bo; nous avons chercher sur Internet les règles de la belote à deux, du yum... de quoi faire passer le temps quoi! Oui, vous avez bien lu! Ici il y a internet. Il n'y a qu'un hotel superchic et je dois avouer que je ne m'attendais pas à pouvoir utiliser leur réseau. Pour l'instant, nous profitons des quelques rares accalmies pour aller nous dérouiller les jambes sur les terrains aménagés du resort. Il y a un sentier dans ce qu'ils appellent Rainforest... cela porte bien son nom!!! Vous aurez des photos et plus de détails plus tard. Ceci est un essaie ... read more

Our travel blog finally begins after much delay and hopefully much reader anticipation... After a simply beautiful and perfect wedding day in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (9-18-2010), we did what most newlyweds do - fly to a gorgeous and exotic island to celebrate our honeymoon, our week dedicated to focusing solely on the beauty of our newly solidified love for one another. We chose St. Lucia in the Windward Islands mainly because we read about jungle biking and about climbing the infamous Pitons. We chose right, and had the most amazing time! Seriously. Anse Chastanet was our secluded eco-resort of choice, located outside of the town of Soufriere, and it was simply euphoric, to say the least. St. Lucia, an independantly-ruled island, has mountainous peaks that rise to 3,120 feet above sea level. It´s not your typical ... read more

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