Baking In St. Lucia

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I decided to make St. Lucia a beach day. The next time we’re here will be my birthday and I’ll do some sort of exciting excursion that day. Today I just wanted to relax. Many people at home have commented to me about how great it must be to get to lie on the beach all the time. But it hasn’t happened as much as I would have thought, considering how long I’ve been down here. And for some reason, it’s never really felt relaxing. It’s more been just what I was doing when there wasn’t something else to do.

Today was like the best days of any vacation where you lie on the beach. St. Lucia is gorgeous. The beach reminded me of the Dominican - brown sand, pebbly, brownish water by the shore. But lining the entire beach were big, full, lush trees and scattered among them were tall palm trees. In the distance were the rolling hills of the island, all covered in the lush vegetation. Beautiful. We went to a beach called “The Wharf”, just outside of the city of Castries. It was so quiet, almost no people. Completely peaceful.

I remember one day when
Views Of St. LuciaViews Of St. LuciaViews Of St. Lucia

One of the gorgeous trees behind our beach.
I was in the Dominican for Kristi & Dave’s wedding, I was swimming with Dave and admiring the scenery. I said to him I couldn’t believe that the Caribbean backdrop would soon be part of my daily life. Swimming today made me think of that. I was just so calm and peaceful.

But wow was the sun hot! I have some burns where I apparently missed with my sunscreen - random patches on my back only a few inches wide but so pink and swollen and sore! Tomorrow I’ll be sure to cover up.

I really needed today. My first few weeks here were really overwhelming for me. Then the last week or so I’ve been getting rather caught up in ship life drama. But today, the beauty of the beach, the warmth of the sun and the constant lapping of the waves provided me with the mental space and calm that I’ve been needing to sort through everything that’s been happening on the ship.

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Brooks and Ursula on the BeachBrooks and Ursula on the Beach
Brooks and Ursula on the Beach

Brooks is the corporate trainer onboard and Ursula is one of the nurses. He's from Canada, she's German but lives in the UK.
The Art GalleryThe Art Gallery
The Art Gallery

An art gallery we drove past that I really liked the looks of.

1st February 2007

Your pictures at least help one to feel warm even if it is minus 20 outside here in Ottawa. Your story about the day spent swimmin with the two children on Sint Martens is very touching. It sounds like a budding life-long frienship is developing there that will be forever meaningful to both them and you.
1st February 2007

You're cute... so is Brooks. Hmmm.... Glad you had a nice day in the sun. Sometimes Vitamin D is the best medicine. Funny to think of everyone at home in snow huh? lol.
1st February 2007

looks like you've survived the 1st month
Jeanette, Way tah go slugger! Wow I can hardly believe I've been back here in Timmins already since Jan 5th. Love the pics posted of Justin teaching dance and our family after the jazz show. Been thinking of you every time I look at my souvenirs... lots going on up here, dad's birthday and a wedding back in Hamilton next week... an appearance on a national CBC show (Test the Nation) in March. The radio continues to pave some positive future for me. I'm at work so this is brief BUT let me know if you want some pics even though I think we have mostly doubles of the ones we shared together. Nothing but love from the family and of course me too, Matthew/Thomas

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