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Published: December 29th 2019
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For the last 5 month we have been sailing up and down docking at the same 6 to 8 islands in the Caribbean. While the places we go to are beautiful and people at home think I am on a constant holiday working on the ship can get tiring.

While I do have time to explore in most ports, there are only so many times you can go to the beaches before they all start looking the same. Another thing that you do wanna get away from are the tourist areas filled with souvenir and jewellery shops. At some point you really need a place that is hidden away, where you won't run into guest or other crew members, that is preferable in walking distance from the pier.

Such a place I found in St Lucia. Since we started coming to the island I have started to come to a place called Auberge Seraphine. A little hotel that is hidden behind palm trees and bushes down a little side alley only a 5 minute walk from where the ship docks. The hotel reminds of plantation house with its white front porch. From the small restaurant you can enjoy a stunning view of the bay watching the small catamaran boats docking.

In front of the hotel lies a small pond filled with tons of pink and purple water lilies. While I enjoy a breakfast or lunch here I really like just watching the egrets flying by and nesting in a big tree just in from of the porch.

The best thing about coming here every week is the view from the terrace and that the owner lets me use the upstairs pool. So if I only have a small break in between work I I usually come here to enjoy some food and a quick swimm.

If I have more then a few hours off I try to explore more of this beautiful island of course.

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30th December 2019

Thanks for sharing...
it sounds like the perfect place to stay before catching a cruise.
23rd January 2020

I can relate
I can relate to that - have a little getaway hidden in plain site. There qwas such a place in Beijing once. It was a noodle shop and it was less than 100 meters away from Tiananmen Square. I loved that place. It is gone now though. It was pulled down and the entire neighborhood was turned into a parking lot. I still miss that noodle shop. /Ake

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