Chill day

Published: June 29th 2018
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Took me a while to write up, but I'll tell you about my day Wednesday.

Spent the morning in A&E, and finished pretty early because there weren't many patients in that morning. I saw a 92 year old lady with colon cancer and I could actually feel her tumour when I examined her. I also got to write up all the forms for bloods and xrays, which is really difficult because nothing has the same name as in England, but I'm getting the hang of it. I keep forgetting to give the forms to the patient first to go pay for them though, the nurses keep having to remind me. It just seems so alien to have to pay before you can have a blood test. I also found out that patients have to pay at reception before they can even be allowed into the A&E department, or the doctors won't see them. Maybe not if they're unconscious or brought by ambulance, but they'll get your relative to pay ASAP. Just crazy to me.

After that, it was pretty cloudy and really humid, so didn't really wanna do much, so I went to the other girls' apartment and we just chilled for the afternoon. I met the other guests in the apartment and we had a really nice afternoon and evening just chatting and watching TV. We did go up to the terrace to see the view and the sunset (through the clouds). So it was nice and we made some plans to hike the Pitons and do the sulphur springs at some point whilst we're here. Just a really chill afternoon


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