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Published: January 13th 2008
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In BasseterreIn BasseterreIn Basseterre

From the last time I was in St. Kitts, I remember a guide telling me that this little roundabout was inspired by London's Picadilly Circus. But what it's called here, I can't recall.
We are currently in our first cruise of the Destiny's new itinerary. Thursdays we used to go to St. Lucia, but now we're in St. Kitts. I'd originally had plans to go to the beach today with a friend, but that sort of fell through and then it started raining anyway, so that worked out just fine.

When I was on the Legend, we came to St. Kitts quite a few times and I went to various beaches and toured some sites. But I'd never actually walked around Basseterre, the town right where the ship docks. So I decided today would be a good day for it and Jody decided to join me. We wandered the streets and explored various churches. One, a Catholic cathedral had it's doors wide open and we went in and looked around. But another, an even bigger church in the middle of huge courtyard/garden had it's doors and windows all boarded up. Seemed strange because the grounds and outside of the building were in great condition and obviously frequently manicured, yet the church itself you couldn't enter and there were no signs giving any information about the building itself. Mysterious. We walked through squares and got caught in the rain and took lots of pictures. When we returned to the ship terminia, Jody went back on the ship and I wandered around the craft market checking out what the locals were offering.

It was a simple day, but a good one. Nice to explore, to walk around, to enjoy the fresh air. Left me feeling relaxed to get back to the ship and energized for the excitement ahead. Tomorrow is our first overnight!

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13th January 2008

Love Churches
I really enjoyed seeing Churches on my travels as well. Such beautiful architechtural sites.

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