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Monday 9th February, 2015. St Kitts & Nevis We awoke early as we wanted to catch the public ferry to Nevis. We had already established that this departed at 9.30 am by using the internet at Sprout's place. We had a posh breakfast and as soon as the ship cleared we disembarked and made our way to the ferry dock. We arrived about 40 minutes early and the ticket office was not open. We sat in the waiting area and were joined by fellow passengers John and Pat who we quite often meet in Dexter's Bar. From the ferry port we could see the Azores and a Norwegian Cruise Line ship in the Cruise Dock. The Azoes looked so tiny next to the big liner. When the tick office opened D purchased the tickets and paid ... read more
6. M on the ferry
17. M at the Very Hot Springs
7. Nevis From the Ferry

Dimanche le 3 mars 2013, Bonjour, Un autre mois a passé encore trop rapidement. Durant le mois de février nous avons traversé des Îles Vierges à St-Martin ou nous avons accueilli notre fille Annie et son amie Lisa. Cela faisait deux ans qu’elle n’était pas venue nous voir à bord, alors nous étions très heureux de la recevoir. À St-Martin, il y a beaucoup à voir et à faire donc durant son séjour de 10 jours nous lui avons montré les magasins bien sûr, les plages, le fameux 747 qui atterrit quasiment sur la plage, la plongée, les mardis soir de Grand Case … et pour finir une visite sur l’île voisine Anguilla. ANGUILLA : Île basse entourée de plages de sable blanc et de barrières de corail appartenant à l’Angleterre. La ... read more
La plage d'Anguilla
Prickly Pear

We were among the fortunate invitees on a wonderful post-holiday junket to the land of gentle ocean breezes, beautiful sandy beaches lapped by warm water, gorgeous tropical foliage, amazing golf courses, wonderful fresh food, tasty beverages, and the pleasant company of a gaggle of other guests on Nevis, a tiny, unspoiled island in the West Indies. So here I go, trying to provide ’Dear Readers’ with a glimpse of the highlights of the Nevis trip without inciting insane jealousy. To ease the green monster a bit, we are now home in New York State where it is bone chilling cold and snowing. Our first destination was St. Kitts where a van awaited to whisk us to a boat to whisk us to Nevis. The van driver offered very interesting commentary on the ride (stay to the ... read more
Nevis Public Beach
Beach at the Four Seasons
St. Kitts Harbor

Tonight we are anchored in Sopers hole or west end as they prefer to call it in Tortola, one of the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately it is going to be a beautiful full moon here tonight, and although it is only 5pm some large boats are already partying very loudly. It does not auger well for the night ahead, so I say, if you can’t beat them join them. There is a full moon party about 5 minutes taxi drive away, so why not…more on this later. The transport of the boat is all organised and when we come home in April, we can leave it knowing everything is under control. Since we decided to send Perthamina home we have made our way up here to the Virgin Islands. Firstly we stopped at Nevis, my cousin ... read more
st kitts
ginger from st kitts
sheena and gordons house

Hello! Well a bit of a silence, sorry about that. We have left Antigua after six years of visiting to bring Perthamina up to Tortola ready for her trip home. As many of you know we have decided to upgrade and buy a new boat, bigger and younger, so Perthamina is for sale. We also decided to bring her back to the uk, so she is being put on a ship at St thomas in may. In the meantime, Bruce came to stay for a couple of weeks and we went up to les saintes, and guadaloupe. The weather was awful, rough, big swell , it was very unpleasant for our journeys,. We went to deshaies , and then on to pigeon island for a really good dive. Continuing we went to les saintes, where alan ... read more

We spent a week in paradise, the island of Nevis. The weather was great every day with blue skies and temperatures reaching 85 degrees. Every day we were there we had the option of several activities which almost always included something with the beach. On Tuesday several of us went horseback riding along the beach and throughout some of the neighborhoods on the Southwest side of the island. There were million dollar homes and countless families living in poverty. Some were living in tractor trailer carriages with only a few holes cut open for windows. While others were living in houses that most people would consider not even big enough to store their cars. It was very eye opening to see the diversity within two blocks of each other. The people of the island were very ... read more
School children

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