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Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico December 12th 2009

Hailed as one of the nicest beachest in Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is picture-perfect with tall, swaying palm trees and sugar-white sand. When you get hungry, head to one of the famous 50 Rum Shacks that line the beach on the west side. Beware the sand blowing in your face and clinging to everything when the Christmas winds come in December.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico December 11th 2009

Garret and TJ snorkle off of Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, just off the coastline of Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. At the nature reserve, visitors learn about the ecological importance of the mangrove forest, the offshore coral reefs, the sandy beach, the rocky coast and the bioluminescent Laguna Grande. The guys were thrilled about the variety of species they saw in the water while snorkling.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico December 11th 2009

THE BEACH Today we headed east to the point. I’m not sure if this beach is still called Seven Seas or not. It’s a very slim beach, with shrubs about 10 feet from the water. By later afternoon when we headed back the beach had gotten even slimmer because the tide came in. It’s also very soft. Just walking was an effort because your feet sink into the sand. Tip: Don’t bring a stroller. You can’t push it. Jesse and Clint resorted to carrying it. I was wishing for the sling to more easily carry the baby. She’s a wiggleworm. We were in search of coral to see while snorkling. There was plenty dotting the beach, but we had trouble finding much in the ocean itself. A few of the guys went farther east and found ... read more
Beach day
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Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico December 10th 2009

OUR VILLA You can see the ocean from our rooftop. Framed by a line of rooftop patios, it’s a gorgeous scene. Our villa is as large as a house. Set off a gated street, its one of about 10 that line up side by side. Each is a different color. The brightness extends into the villa. Walls are yellow, green and red. It is vibrant and tropical. The first floor is mostly an open living room, with a small galley kitchen and half-bathroom. Part of the main level is taken up by the garage, which is a great place to store kayaks. The wide staircase leads up to two bedrooms with double-size bunks on the left, a bathroom, a large laundry room, and a spacious master bedroom suite. The same tile runs through the home tying ... read more
Street view
Our villa

BYE, BYE SNOWY MINNESOTA It’s hard to come up with something good to say about a day spent in an airplane. We woke up at 4 a.m., showered, and headed out into a snowstorm. Brr. Ordinarily, I would have hunkered down at home. Instead, I wrapped the nine-month-old baby up and out we went. She was less than thrilled. It was the first time a cold, winter wind had whipped across her face. I put her into the truck and she started to cry. Poor baby. She didn’t know what was going on. She knew it was out of the ordinary though, and had trouble napping the two days prior. My sister-in-law was right on time (thanks so very much!). Off we went. Despite the slippery, snowy roads, we made it to the airport in less ... read more
Breakfast at McD's
More Peek-A-Boo

Thursday afternoon we picked Ken’s parents up from the airport. We had a very overpriced Thanksgiving dinner at Perla, the famous restaurant in our hotel that sits under what looks like a gigantic shell pearl shell. I had diver scallops, 4 total, for $37. While they were tasty, I could not identify most of the other stuff on my plate, except for the fried bone marrow, which was incredibly greasy. I really can’t get over how expensive the food in Puerto Rico is for what you get. I guess at a place like our hotel there is little competition in the area, so they can hose you. Regardless, it was a nice dinner and nice to have a couple of members of our family with us. And the ambiance was pretty spectacular with a view of ... read more
El Morro
El Fuerte San Cristobal
musician in Old San Juan

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » San Juan November 26th 2009

Tuesday we headed to downtown Ponce to see what was available there. It was a cute little town with some old neighborhood streets with older Puerto Rican architecture. We stumbled upon a restaurant called Rincon Argentino—an Argentinean restaurant known for its meat. I got grilled shrimp with rice and beans, since I don’t eat pork or red meat, but it was delicious just the same. And the caramel crepes we shared for dessert were the best thing we’ve eaten on this trip so far (food has generally been a great disappointment). We then made the drive back to San Juan, only about an hour and a half from Ponce. But driving here is a bit harrowing. People tend to be leisurely even on the highways, but more often than not change lanes without signaling or pull ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » San Juan November 25th 2009

Today we were in San Juan but we ended up spending most of the day just sitting around on the lounge chairs on the promenade deck in between eating. Lin was just not up to doing more than that. So at least I didn’t have to go shopping like she’d originally planned. We did have an evening tour to a Latin Traditions show booked but she decided not to go at the last minute. I went ahead by myself and it was actually a very enjoyable show. We weren’t too sure when we got there since it was big empty room of plastic chairs with chair covers and were handed our plastic cup of punch when we walked in. The man in the show was a very good guitarist and also a good singer. There ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Ponce November 24th 2009

So far this trip is turning out to be a bit more of an adventure than we anticipated, but we’re going with it and having fun regardless. We arrived at San Juan airport Saturday afternoon. It was a bit chaotic and crazy busy, but tolerable—until we had to wait 45 minutes for the Enterprise bus to pick us up. I read that you should only use the big name rental car places to avoid hassles and scams, but a hassle it was. They even gave us a car with no gas in it. But we managed to get a car and began the hour and a half drive to Aguadilla on the north shore of the island. We stayed in a Marriott Courtyard on Ramey base—what used to be a U.S. military base until sometime in ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico November 22nd 2009

In flight again. Aaahh…. Travel truly does make me happy. My blood pressure has already dropped and my mood has increased. I have a feeling of excitement in my life again. This time it’s off to Puerto Rico with Ken for a week of Latino adventure, beaches, maybe some scuba diving, and lots of local food and markets. I have even been brushing up on my Spanish for the past couple of weeks so I can try to use it again (ever since leaving Hartford I find I have little use for it anymore). And after knowing so many Puerto Ricans over the years, it will be nice to finally see the island for myself. And this vacation couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. Work continues to be incredibly stressful. My supervisor, who seems to ... read more

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