The Love Affair Continues in San Juan . . .

Published: January 13th 2008
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Sunday, so it's home port day. I slept and slept and slept so much last night. Recovering from the long overnight still and just generally catching up on lost rest. It's a frequent hazard of ship life. While the guests embark the ship, I work for Quentin, the shopping specialist, doing promotions. But we pushed my hours head a bit today to try to catch more of the crowd, which worked well. But it also meant that I was able to be off the ship well before sunset for the first time in San Juan.

I am still so in love with this city. Just walking around it makes me happy. I mentioned this before, but it still reminds me so much of Quebec City, yet still different enough that it's new and exciting. I just wander the streets and end up feeling ridiculously happy. Walking around today I found myself thinking about going back home again. Sometimes when I manage to get really caught up in life on the ship and adventures in the ports, it's easy to just get caught up in the world here and forget how temporary it is. But today, thinking about Quebec and how I'll likely be back there right after I finish on the ship, it just reminded me of how fleeting this whole experience is. And again, I'm left just feeling so happy and grateful to be here at all.

When I sat down to blog today, I was skimming past the entries I've made this contract and was looking at the ones I wrote only a little more than a month ago about how anxious I was still feeling. I can't believe that was such little time ago, because I feel so differently since then. I wasn't sure that coming back to cruise again was the right decision. I feared I was trying to recapture an experience that I just couldn't have again. But instead I've found myself in the midst of a new one, a different one, but one still wonderfully brilliant. I'm so happy to be here right now and to be here longer yet.

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This open-air cafe, just off the mall where the streetfair/market is, had this lovely stage built into the cliff where a band played. Couples danced below while people sat in the shade drinking their beers.
The Streets of Old San JuanThe Streets of Old San Juan
The Streets of Old San Juan

Specifically, this is San Francisco Street. For all of you sending me mail (and thank you!!!), this is the street it's sent to before it's handed over to the ship, then to my department and eventually me.

14th January 2008

Beautiful Pictures!
gorgeous photos Netter! You're definitely lucky to be having another amazing experience! Take it all in babe.
16th January 2008

So beautiful!
I love it! I can't believe how stunning Old San Juan is. Yea you!

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