Rincon and the BEACH

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Floating in the CaribbeanFloating in the CaribbeanFloating in the Caribbean

This was such a sunny and hot day - fabulous breeze and blue, blue sky.
This was our planned "beach" day and were we ever lucky. Of course you remember that it is always 84, well............today, it was 87.............someone had to volunteer to live it and we did! The day started with a filling breakfast of Rincon Omelet (local sausage, green peppers, onions), home fries, pineapple, toast, and coffee. Well fortified, we headed out past the pool to the beach. Sunny - you ask sunny - well, it was sunny with a bunch of extra sunny - an absolutely beautiful day. We quickly fell into a great rhythm............catch some rays - swim in the Caribbean - catch some rays - swim in the pool...........well, you get the idea. Late morning refreshments at the in pool bar - Mojito! Then back for a long walk on the beach - and more time in the water.

Our next "activity" for the day was to visit the son of our friends Jane and Jim Bonbright. Billy, his wife, Tiffany, and their two children own the Casa Verde guesthouse, a bar/restaurant, and a charter sailing company. We had a great visit with Billy, but missed Tiffany and the kids as they were off getting shots for school. Casa Verde caters to surfers and is highlighted in various surfer magazines. Billy and Tiffany have discovered a niche market and they are constantly full. As Billy said, "surfers want to surf all day and party all night - we give them that chance." The guesthouse (it has 3-person rooms and houses around 60 people) is directly across the street from one of Rincon's surfing beaches. Billy and Tiffany have a great pricing strategy - the 3-person rooms go for $70 which equates to approximately $23 per person - they keep the price of food at around $7, so a surfer could plan on a bed and a meal for $30 per day - and it works! In case you didn't know, Rincon has some of the finest surfing in the world. It has hosted the World Surfing Championships and we visited many of the beaches today - Domes, Spanish Wall, Antonio's and on and on...................we had a great visit and headed out for more surfing.

After our surfing adventure - we stopped in pueblo Rincon and did a little shopping. Would you believe it, we needed a beach bucket and shovel for a presentation and found one for $1. Found
Casa VerdeCasa VerdeCasa Verde

Bill Bonbright, Tre, Steve
some delicious muffins and walked the quaint town.

We arrived at our place, Ricon Beach Resort (RBR), in time to pull up a beach lounge chair and watch the sunset. It is truly amazing when you live on the western end of Puerto Rico and see incredible sunsets on a daily basis. We enjoyed the view and headed in to write our daily blog entry. This version is actually a repeat because about the time we were finishing the text the internet and phones for the resort crashed...........the entry was lost. Soooooooooooooooooooo, we decided to head out for dinner and hopefully the internet would be back up when we returned (yes, you guessed right, it is back up).

Dinner tonight was in Rincon at Antojo's - a local restaurant with fabulous food. We ordered gallinita rellena de mofongo, camarones al coco de arroz mamposteado and, of course, Medalla lights. The flavors were truly Puerto Rican and the service and conversation with the owner were fantastic. Then back to RBR and to the computer.

Tomorrow's blog will be posted on Saturday as our plane arrives early on Saturday - we might actually get a little sleep before we

Looking back at Rincon Beach Resort
talk about Friday's adventures - so tune in later on Saturday. It will be great being in Clayton to see the EAGLES dismantle the cardinals this Sunday - bleed Eagle Green!

Additional photos below
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Beach TreasureBeach Treasure
Beach Treasure

One of many discoveries on our beach walk today.
A MermaidA Mermaid
A Mermaid

Guess what we found on the rock
Surf's UpSurf's Up
Surf's Up

A blast from the past!
Domes BeachDomes Beach
Domes Beach

Surfer at Domes Beach
Domes Beach ViewDomes Beach View
Domes Beach View

Tre and Steve enjoying the shade.
Spanish WallSpanish Wall
Spanish Wall

This wall defines the beach behind it - great surfing - World Surfing Championships.
RBR PoolsRBR Pools
RBR Pools

One view of the multiple pools at Rincon Beach Resort
Punta Higuero Rincon LighthousePunta Higuero Rincon Lighthouse
Punta Higuero Rincon Lighthouse

Great views from this point.

The horizon is at your front door.
Thursday Dinner at Antojo'sThursday Dinner at Antojo's
Thursday Dinner at Antojo's

Cornish Game Hen stuffed with Mofongo - Coconut Shrimp with Mamposteao Rice - Medalla light beer

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