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We started off eating breakfast at a crepe place across the street. The kids both had strawberry nutella crepes and Jeff and I had more savory egg ones. They were delicious. One thing with Puerto Rico as with Montreal, there is always one thing we are used to having that we can’t find on our trip. This time it was iced coffee. The hotel didn’t have any and the crepe place didn’t have it on their menu but they made it for us anyway. The waiter said no one drinks it in PR except for people from the Northeast. The food didn’t disappoint and it was Jake’s favorite place we ate, we ended up going twice. It was a relaxing and quiet spot; we were able to eat outside at a nice table and watched all ... read more
Fun in the Jeep
Fun in the Jeep
Climbing trees in Farjado

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Fajardo November 25th 2014

A new cruising season is upon us but I never posted a final blog from last season! Here's the update, past and current: We sailed from Vieques back to Culebra in order to pick up my brother and sister in law at the airport in early June. Once again, we explored the lovely anchorages and beaches of Culebra. This time we were able to enjoy the ‘hot tub’ on Culebrita – it was too rough to swim in when Peg was with us. We walked a different path to Flamenco Beach only to find confusing signs when we arrived near the beach – one warning for unexploded ordnances, the other indicating it was a tsunami escape route! After a week of snorkeling, swimming and relaxing, it was time to make our way to the marina at ... read more
Celubra's Airport
The 'hot tub' on Culebrita

Since the last post, we’ve visited Culebrita, an uninhabited island on the northeast side of Culebra, circumnavigated Culebra, visited the three anchorages on the west side of Cayo Luis de Pena (later discovered two moorings on the east side), met up with cruising friends from Rhode Island, and drove around Culebra’s main roads in a rented golf cart. We are now in a marina in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, getting ready to fly home for a little while. The guidebooks we read spoke highly of Culebrita, the little island with the abandoned lighthouse at its top, a lovely expanse of sandy beach, and the “jacuzzi” somewhere in the rocky outcrop on the north side. What we saw of the jacuzzi was a bit too rough to swim in, but fascinating to watch. The beach was as advertised ... read more
View to the west
Tortuga beach looking north
Tortuga Bay looking south

Central America Caribbean » Puerto Rico » Fajardo January 23rd 2011

From Ponce, we made a leisurely passage of about 25 miles to an absolutely lovely anchorage in Salinas. We arrived in plenty of time for a restful afternoon of reading and relaxation. We anchored out a bit so that we would have easy access out early in the morning. We awoke at 5:00am to find that things had shifted around such that it looked like our anchor was quite close to a neighboring boat! But, as we started hauling in, it became clear that we had plenty of room. The passage out to open water was a bit scary in the dark, but we had a nearly full moon and a recording of our track in on the chart plotter. I haven't said anything about this device. For those not familiar with them, it is the ... read more
Entering Salinas Harbor
Dusk at Salinas
Safely Tied up at Puerto Del Rey

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