"Life is a beach, I'm just playing in the sand" Day 3

Published: June 22nd 2017
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Yes I did quote a Lil Wayne verse for the title of this blog, you should hear me rap it on karaoke. That's a story for another time but today me and Alonzo are heading to the island of Culebra. Culebra is a small island east of Puerto Rico, you can either fly over there or catch the ferry from Fajardo Ferry Terminal. The first ferry leaves at 9am heading to Culebra, so that means we have to get my up early since it's about a hour drive from Isla Verde. I'm up early to get breakfast, I warned Alonzo the day before they we have to get up which he wasn't happy about. I walked down the street to pick up some food, I got us some chicken empanadas and juice before our adventure begins. I come back home, yes he's still sleep so I eat then wake up him so he can get ready, he gets himself together, he grabs his food and drink then we get in the car. Traffic heading away from San Juan isn't bad, the drive to Fajardo isn't bad, we get there right around 8 and it's already a lot of people there. I ask one of the terminal employees where do we line up since we already have our tickets. We walk through a few gates and the guard stops me to check my bag, after that time to stand in line and wait.

I read a lot of travel blogs and travel sites, Culebra is a hidden gem many of them talk about, Flamenco Beach is rated one of the best beaches in the world, since we're in Puerto Rico why not go check it out? Ferry is scheduled to leave at 9 but we're on Island time so that means 9:30, finally the captain blows the horn and everyone claps. People start to file in and soon we're on the boat getting ready to head out. Once everyone is seated the boat pulls out and the captain comes over the PA system giving out instructions in Spanish then in English, the crew walks around giving out white bags in case someone gets sea sick. I was in the Navy for 7 years, a lil ferry ride is not gonna make me seasick, me and Alonzo we're fine but some of the other passengers well they weren't so lucky. The ferry ride last about an hour, finally we see land, the captain comes on and tells everyone to stay seated until the ship is at the dock. Once the boat is moored, for the non sailor that's when the boat is secured by a cable, everyone starts to get off the ship. While we're at the ferry terminal I buy return tickets to get back later in the evening. There are car rental guys, taxi drivers and other people selling excursions all over the pier, Flamenco Beach is too far to walk so we get a taxi $5 round trip sounds good to me. Me and Alonzo get in the van and after about a 10 minute ride we pull up to the park where Flameno Beach is located.

Once we get to the parking lot and get out we see food vendors, so we grab something to eat before we head to the water. I order a hot dog, Alonzo gets cheese fries and we both get smoothies then I go change while we wait on our food. Our food comes, while we're eating a chicken strolls by, he just walking around looking for crumbs and we finish eating then head to the beach. It's a short walk to the beach from the food vendors, you notice to big green hills overlooking the water, during that short walk I wonder if this beach is really as nice as been advertised. Once we go through the walkway their it is, to answer your question it is absolutely yes!!!! I've been fortunate enough to visit some beautiful beaches. Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana has to be the nicest beach I've visited but Flamenco Beach is a strong challenger now. We admire the beautiful turqiose water as we look for a spot to set up camp, we find a nice spot under some coconut trees to set up our stuff. Alonzo lays down and says he is going to admire nature while I get in the water, I head out to the water, once I get in I think the hour drive, the wait in line and the ferry ride was all worth it. Flameno beach is one of the rare beaches not full of all inclusive resorts and hi rise condos, it's just sand, water and green vegetation. The beach might be a mile long at the most but their is plenty of room for everyone and it's not over run with people, it is a Wednesday so that helps, I hear the weekends it's a lot harder to get a ferry ride over. Finally after a while, Alonzo gets in the water but he hasnt completely gotten in, he says the water is cold so it's just at his knees, finally after some waves crash in he jumps all the way in. I did see a sign saying you might find all ammunition from the war and to report it cause it might be live, well that is interesting, I didn't see any old ammo but at the end of the beach their is a tank all rusted out just sitting there. I have to admit I've never seen a tank on a beach before so that was a first and also saw an iguana too getting some sun by the beach but he didn't stay long he ran back into the trees. Alonzo decides to take a nap and I walk back to the vendors for a cold beverage, then I come relax for a while then get back into the water before we have to head back. The taxi driver said he'll be back at 4 to take us to the ferry. I wake Alonzo up about 3:30 so we walk back to wash the sand off then grab a snack. Alonzo got a pinchos de pollo and I got a pincho de carne de credo, washed it down with some mango punch, the van was on time and and back to the ferry terminal.

The ferry was scheduled to leave at 5 but shockingly we got on early and was headed back to Puerto Rico before 5. We got on the ferry and after spending all day at the beach, we're pretty exhausted so we both sleep all the way back to Puerto Rico, when I wake up I see Fajardo. The boat is moored and we're off to the car, we listen to some sports talk about the NBA draft on the way back and finally make it to the condo we both shower and get dressed I go get dinner, some Cubano sandwiches, then we're in for the night. Today was an amazing day and the best part is we get to spend another today in Puerto Rico, tomorrow we hang out in Old San Juan.

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