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Buenas amigos! After our 2-week bread and mango diet in Cuba we've finally found some gooood food!! Here are some pics, enjoy!!... read more
colombian palmtree goodies
herbs and such

Slow days in Panama. Last night, and the night before that, Brad had a bad fever, shivers and muscle pain....he sweat so much we had to wring his t-shirt out this morning!! Spent the night worried changing cold wet towels on his hot forehead. Please pray for him, don't know if it's a bacteria from all that tapwater we've been gulping or a nasty mosquito bite... In between long stints in the hotel-room trying to recover watching Alf and Magnum dubbed to Espanish (no wonder Brad's sick!), we've done hours of cruising round town on public transport..old American school buses covered in graffiti-like murals and everything from Bible verses to old girlfriends' names adorning thier windshields...not to mention the loud loud cumbia, reggaeton and salsa hits pumping the whole way... Roligt. Yesterday, we were trying to ... read more

Hola todos!! Firstly, a big up to Sandrita and Tobbe for dropping us a line!! Keep them coming yao! We just arrived in Panama, the so-called Bridge of the Americas. After two weeks on Cuba with Fidel and his comrades, we grew tired of concrete and propaganda, oppression and expensive everything...Panama City here we come!!! Gimme some Kentucky Fried Chicken man! Hard to believe a McDonald´s sign could be such a pretty sight, but after not seeing a single ad for 2 weeks the golden M kind of represents freedom and choice for the people! We´re little capitalists after all... Can´t say much about Panama just yet, more than an hour of internet is 1 USD here, which is a nice change from 7 in Trinidad (for turists only, by the way, cubans can be sent ... read more
palmeras y mar

It was great staying with my Uncle Tom and his family for a couple weeks in Chiriqui province. I met Alan here and boarded Wallaby Creek to help take it through the Panama Canal with the others.... the beginning of the Pacific voyage. It seems like a very long time ago.... read more
Entering the Panama Canal
Car carrier
the Bridge of the Americas

Aye ye ye... I contracted the Cenrtal America Virus of death or somethin... No. But really, I got pretty sick not yesterday, but the day before. I hiked this gigantic mountain with Vince and Maja, and I was getting all delerious and sick and I was sweating so dang much (it wasnt hot, I was so confused). Later, we get back, and I get serious cold sweats but Im boiling... Eventually 6 hours later I stumble to the kitchen of our guesthouse and ask them to call me a cab to the clinic. They do the whole ¨" We really dont speak the same language so just sit there a die for a bit while we poke at you" bit. They gave me drugs, sent me back, I passed out. I woke up the next morning ... read more
Panama Viejo

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 15th 2005

Panama City has been a very comfortable city to be in so far. The old city, Casco Viejo, is so charming....somewhere between the French Quarter in New Orleans and the ideas one has of the old city of Havana. Although it is kind of dangerous to walk around in, it is so lively and beautiful. The city in general is terrific; the nice walkways along the bay remind me of Naples, Italy, and the tall business buildings along the peninsulas jutting out into the water are like a mini-Manhattan. Except of course with a tropical climate. There is great shopping, nightlife, and restaurants in this town, and I have met a ton of people from all over the place. Funnily enough, I am staying in the Jewish quarter of the city and have learned more Hebrew ... read more
Panama City
The Balboa statue
Kids playing soccer

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 1st 1970

So following on from my last entry i had to wait for the America CSer (couchsurfer) pete and is Argentina friend to come back from getting lunch and they did not get back till nearly 3pm which kinda wasted my day, but i had to stay in and let them back in. Pete had got me a bottle of water which was much needed as i was sweating like a'pig in the Panama city heat, Panama is a very big and dirty city and has a very close heat, when i got to Panama Ken had taken me for breakfast which he treated me too and he then took me to the top of his building and i saw a view of the Old and New city, the old city was too far to get a ... read more
Panama City
The Londoner Pub
San Jose Main Square

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