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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 30th 2018

We took a city tour today. Tour was set up through the hotel. We were the only ones on the tour so it was a private tour. We rode around in a trolley and had a driver and tour guide. Our guide was very knowledgeable. We were the only ones in a trolley driving around the city, so the tourists were taking pictures of us. We went to the Miraflores Locks and watched a container ship go through from the observation area today. We went through the museum and watched the informational movie. The movie and museum were both very informational. We had lunch in Old Town and then relaxed in one of the tourist hang outs. Literally "hanging" out. Met some tourists from Denver that knew about Case IH and spent part of the afternoon ... read more
Old Town Panama City
Miraflores Locks Panama Canal
Miraflores Locks Panama Canal

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Taboga Island January 30th 2018

Took the ferry to Taboga today. Walked around and then relaxed at the beach. Quiet island. Another beautiful warm day!... read more
Panama City from Taboga

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal January 29th 2018

Toured the Chagres river today and the Gamboa reserve. Our driver picked us up from the hotel this morning. We made as stop at the grocery store to get some bananas and grapes for the monkeys. It was another beautiful day. Sunny and warm. We saw 3 kinds of monkeys. The capuchin monkey jumped onto our boat today. I did not get a picture of him as he jumped onto the roof of the boat. We also saw the howler monkeys and the Geoffry's Tamarin monkey. Got some pictures of birds for Mary too. The guide said the hawk is a snail hawk (kite?). The Gomboa reserve was nice as well. The gondola took us up into the canopy. Got another nice bird picture for Mary at the reserve. Caiman and turtles too!... read more
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkeys
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkey
Geoffry's Tamarin Monkey

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama Canal January 28th 2018

Took the tour of the canal today. It was another sunny and warm day today. The canal tour was very interesting. A marvel of engineering.... read more
Panama Canal
The gates of the Panama Canal
Bridge over Panama Canal

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 26th 2018

We have made it to our destination in Panama City. The flight was on time. We took a taxi to the hotel. We have a very nice room and can see the pool from the room. We went out for dinner across the street from the ocean. Pedro found a gelato shop just a couple blocks from our hotel. I am sure we will be back often over the next week. Tonight we took a swim in the hot tub. It was sunny and 88 degrees today. ... read more
Hotel pool in Panama City

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City January 26th 2018

We had breakfast at a café a couple blocks from the hotel. Cafe' Alto. We then went to Old Town Panama City. Old buildings. Churches. New hats. A few birds for Mary! It was hot and close to 90 degrees. We went back to the hotel for a swim. Then it was a night out to the Hard Rock Hotel!. We went up to the 62nd floor and looked out over the city. It was amazing! Had dinner at the hotel. A beautiful day in a wonderful city!... read more
Old Town Panama City
Panama City Skyline
Pedro in the Panama Hat

Wow, where to start! On Thursday, the day before my birthday, my friends Stella, Christian, Matthew and Fabian planned a surprise night out for me for my birthday. We went to another rooftop bar in the old part of the city called Gatto Blanco. We drank chilled red wine (which is usually so wrong but actually tasted amazing in the humidity and heat)! We danced and chatted and then went back to the hostel to hang out until the early hours. On my actual birthday Stella and Cristian brought me buñuelos, which are Colombian fried bread balls of pure deliciousness! I haven't had one since Colombia 10 years ago! Fabian and I went for a long walk along the Pacific Coast and then in the evening we went for some food at a restaurant around the ... read more
Me and Stella
The fabulous Cristian
A Colombian buñuelo

So the hostel I'm staying at is perfect for meeting new people. There is an outside terrace with a BBQ, sofas, tables and chairs, a hammock and a pool. Most evenings everyone just hangs out here until 9 or 10pm because before then it's too early to go out. Yesterday afternoon my Argentinian friend Agos told me that Carlos (another Argentinian) was going to be BBQing some steak and invited me to join. I have missed a good old Argentinian "asado" (BBQ), I used to have them all the time when I lived there. The food was amazing and we had a great laugh. The rest of the evening I spent chatting to Fabian from Switzerland (he has been travelling for 7 months now!), Adam from New Zealand, Matthew from the US and Stella from Colombia. ... read more
Hard Rock Café
A view of Panama City
L-R: Stella (Colombia), Matt (USA), Adam (NZ)

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá July 26th 2017

Today I got up at the crack of dawn because there is a hill in the west of the city I wanted to climb that my friend Panamike told me about. Apparently if you go early enough you can see sloths and monkeys. Sadly I saw neither but I saw a vast array of other wildlife. One animal was the size of a cat but looked like some kind of rat slash chinchilla without a tail. No idea what it's called! Photo attached. I also saw a poison dart frog, loads of beautiful spiders and an extremely poisonous centipede. Photos of all of them attached to the post. Matthew the American came with me, he is a really nice guy and has recently moved to Panama from Puerto Rico. After that we went to the ... read more
Really poisonous centipede
Poison dart frog
View from Ancon Hill

I made it! And my hostel has a swimming pool which I had no idea about - so happy! I had a brilliant flight from London to Miami. I was sat next to a 27 year old Dutch guy and he is also a teacher. He teaches primary but in an SEN special school. So on the first real day of the summer holidays I obviously spent my 9 hour flight talking about school! Classic. The Dutch school system seems very similar to ours. Either way we had a good chat, swapped Snapchats at Miami Airport and now he has gone on to his backpacking month in Peru and I made it to my hostel in Panama. So far since being in Panama I haven't spoken any English. The taxi driver tried to charge me for ... read more

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