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Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 30th 2010

So im relaxing in a hammock which thanks to jonny has been broken and re-tied dangerously high after a home cooked tomato and saussage pasta shared with the boys. apparently the panama canal is world famous so this morning we decided to see what the fuss is all about. Up early we decided to take the cultural 'chicken buses'to the canal. We were told they are called this because on market day athe locals put their chickens on the roof, but the way we were crammed suggest that the name represents the treatment you get- but for 25cents who can complain?. Anyway we all loved it! especially cause nobody spoke a word of enlish! within two minutes jonny had given $1 to who we thought was the bus conducter to pay for the 4 of us. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 24th 2010

When our plane finally landed we rented a car and got going to Puntarenas where our boat Samantha was at at the time. When we got there my dad had some shipping problems with both a hooka, a scuba diving item that we bought for the trip, and something that my dad brought down on a plane. Since we had to wait until Monday to get the stuff we thought we should go on a road trip to a National Park that was recommended for its wild life. The place was called Manuel Antonio. On the drive there were signs that first said 80 kilometers to the place we were going then 120 kilometers which was funny. We couldn't get there before dark so we stayed in a hotel and my bed was in a ... read more
Olly's Folly
A Deer
A Monkey

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 11th 2010

Hola, Greetings from Isla Tobago. We're on a small island a few miles out in the bay from Panama City. Its about an hour's ferry ride from town. We arrived yesterday with a boat load of day-trippers, but once the last ferry left it was like we were the only visitors on the island. We walked down to a great little restaurant at the only other hotel on the island, Hotel Vereda Tropical. The meal was fantastic and we were the only ones there. We sat outdoors on a balcony overlooking the bay. Everything was perfect-the view, the food, the breeze. They were playing some really nice easy listening jazz by Diane Kroll. We all got up and slow danced while we waited on our food. Our young waitress just watched and smiled. We nosed around ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 10th 2010

Hola Bloggers, Greetings from beautiful Panama City. Arrived safely and made it to our lodgings, La Estancia. A nice boutique hotel in the former US occupied canal zone. Monkeys and paraketes right outside our balcony. Dinner last night at Mi Ranchito on the causway. We're taking a ferry this morning over to Isla Toboga which is about an hour away for a day on the beach, the tomorrow we rent a 4x4 and take off on the panamerican highway to see the rest of the country. We'll try to emain more later, Caio, David and Malialani... read more
Panama city
Leading into the canal
Our Neighbors

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City October 9th 2010

(June 26- July 2, 2010) Once we were back to Panama City there was only a day and a half before Jeff had to leave. So we only had one real day to do a couple of the major things that we had planned. We headed out early Saturday to take a ferry ride over to Tobaga Island. There are two ferries out each morning and two back in the afternoon. But according to everyone there’s not much on the island so it wasn’t really an option to stay there all day with the boys. We wanted to take the first morning ferry out and then right back again. Miguel was sure they would laugh at me when I bought tickets to go out and then straight back. They didn’t laugh, but I did definitely get ... read more
On the ferry
Panama Canal
The Gang

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City September 20th 2010

So August 30th (day 347 on the road) and the mad dash for home begins. To be fair we still have 108 days before our flight from Cape Town to Heathrow which makes it sound like we have a lot of time left. However I say mad dash because our flight to South Africa is booked for Nov 12th from JFK in New York giving us 74 days to get from Panama city to JFK (which is a long way going overland) and the intention is to see every country in Central America (all 7 of them) then Mexico and the US and hopefully, if we can squeeze it in at some point, however its unlikely, Cuba. Panama City So anyway into Panama City we arrived and thankfully at least with our luggage this time, but ... read more
Miraflores Lock
Panama Canal
Panama City

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City September 10th 2010

Well we had finally finished up with South America, and the next part of our adventure - travelling through Central America - was about the begin. Our flight from Bogota (once we managed to get on the actual flight), was non-eventful and on time. When we arrived in Panama City we were already impressed after stepping off the plane. The hot weather, the palm trees everywhere, and the carribbean accented english/spanish. We rocked up at one of the few hostels available in Panama City - staying in the old town (Luna's Castle). Panama City itself was very intersting, it was lively, and vibrant, and very busy. Along one stretch, near the coastal highway there are loads of high rises. And in the old town there are many restored old style buildings and architecture. The currency is ... read more
Photo 11

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City September 6th 2010

1st Day - August 31st The first day is almost over, and I thought I would comment on a few things while they are all still fresh in my mind. When I first started walking around today, getting a feel for the city, I was unaware that by the end of the day I would be a professional at waving off cab drivers. The first 1000 times a cab driver beeped at me I assumed that it was someone else they were beeping at, but I guess that I just naturally have a look like I'm expecting something because all day I have been waving off cab drivers. They pull right up on the street and honk until you give them a sign that you do not need a ride. Funny. Dirty is the second thing ... read more
Panama City 3
Forrest Gump Shot

Our arrival in Panama City might not have been quite as impressive as Henry Morgan's was in 1671, but we bet he had better weather.  After a bus and a taxi from Tocumen airport, night was just beginning to fall, and the rain was too.  By the time we had checked in to our 17th floor room, the sky was lit up like Blackpool illuminations.  Streaks of lightning aided our limited view of the cloud covered bay and the skyscrapers that are going up at an alarming rate. As we settled into our $320 per night room (cheers Mike!) we found that breakfast wasn't included, nor was wifi (which the t's & c's kindly told us we could prepay or have added to our room bill).  The room, however, did surpass expectations. The bed was vast, mini ... read more
Skyscrapers at Sunset
Panama Canal
Party time on the streets

So after narrowly missing out on a shark bite, people rotting in tents and a crazy drug lord adventure (The Beach btw), we left our last Caribbean island - sniff. It's been wonderful and we can see ourselves buying a holiday home in the area when we win the lottery. After a few near tears, a boat, a couple of buses, a hotel and a cab we made it to Panama City. First impressions is that this is the most developed of all the places we've been to in Central America. There's an old city, which is being renovated but still has a bad reputation for being dangerous, and the new city, along the coast by a km or two and covered in sky scrapers. The main purpose for us being there, however, was to the ... read more
Isla Colon
Sheryl on the dock
Shezza leaving Isla Colon

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