Panama to El Salvador to LA to FIji - a whilstle stop tour!

Published: December 4th 2012
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We arrived to the panama shoreline and Gisbert gave us a lift to the town centre where we could get a bus into Panama city. There was a street parade going on and part of the road which the bus would go down was shut off, so we hiked a few Kms up road and hailed a bus which was heading in the right direction. It was a little under a £1!

We checked into the hostel and headed to the panama canal. I turned into a geek for the next couple of hours as it was really quite facinating to see what a precicion operation the ships passing through undergo. there is only a 35 inch gap on either side so not much room to manouver at all!!

Kate and i got some dinner and chatted until we needed to sleep. It was our last night travelling together and i was really quite sad to be saying "see you later" knowing later would be a lot later.
Sunday - 11 November - Kate cooked us pancakes and then we said our farewells and i took a bus to the airport for $1.25 as opposed to $25 in a transfer bus!! said goodbye to kate, sad that we wont be travelling together anymore, flew from panama to el salvador, to LAX, to fiji, and finally to Sydney. arrived on 13th! lost a whole day!! damn that international time line!!! Still, i've landed in Australia folks and it's friggin' awesome!!! very brief post but not much happened!!

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4th December 2012

Hello and you are missed @LBG
Hi Sara, I've been following your travels. Fab, amazing pictures..... It looks like you are having a fantastic time. Hope Australia is all you wish. We all miss you at LBG. Take care. Sharon
4th December 2012

Wow, what wicked adventures, maybe you should think about becoming a travel blogger!! Glad you're having a good time xx

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