Cuba no its Panama!

Published: January 1st 2009
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Now this is what i thought Cuba would be like!!

Before we went on our amazing sailing adventure we had to get to Panama city in a hurry. Shall i digress?
In order to beat the hurricane season and catch the last boat we had to rapido through 4 countries in 3 days. I was sad to have to cut these places out of our trip but i didnt want to rush it either. El Salvador ,Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa rica will have to be revisited another time. Panama is what we thought Cuba would be like. We bunked down in Casco Viejo the old town it was cool this is wat i thought cuba would be like. The old falling down buildings throwing reggaeton out into the streets, the heat ,the hats ,the attitude ,the people. It felt good to be there for a little bit it,it was lively and also it was great to be off that bus. The heat grabs, ya especially walking from hostel to hostel as we didnt book. But we found this massive old colonial building cheap as chips with cool retro lift and phone on every floor. I wanted to take one. Out on the balcony you can see some of the big ships line up for the canal also opposite side of town completely opposite with high rises and commercial industry and shopping malls. The mall closest looked a little like a small part of bangkok with all the garments not rip offs but really second rate like best and less style excellent for us as my swimming costume broke and Orianne left hers in flores. So for a bargain of $3.50 we got the best of a bad lot. Never mind calm blue ocean fixed that.
We took a bus, with obligatory spanish dubbed family movie at full volume, out to peurto lindo to prepare for our sail. I peered over my panamanian companions shoulder out the bus window and our main road was lined which looked like with thick dense forest and the road was awfully slow as to be expected and then pop the city was left behind and we were on the coast.
It was to be the return of the howler monkey alarm clock and my kiddie excitement of seeing fireflies at night for the first time. The heat didnt help our sleep in our crazy german run hostel and possible added excitement of heading to south america. A problem with these gorgeous places is the water gets polluted by the waters edge so as you see the photos look like paradise you need to take a boat out away from the muck. Anyway we hung around in hammocks and avoided our boredom with visits to the pub. The pub.....well picture this for a sight in meeting our publandlord/ pig slaughterererer. We approach
the somewhat dusty besa block bar with only 1 other patron and this old weathered looking guy, half dressed showing his faded tattoos siting on some crates slowly sharpening his machete looks up at us with his two different coloured eyes and asks us what we want to drink. As we stand there drinking our 50c panamas in the hot sun getting aquainted to this new accented spanish he lets us know there will fresh pork on the menu tomorrow. He looked really eery but was a nice guy so on returning the next night, sin puerko , few more guys sitting around on our 2 ft high wooden stools not much being heard over the blaring reggaeton although this became one of our livelier conversations. One of the guys was deaf so almost everything was said in sign and my bad spanish didnt matter as my previous art of interpretive dance came in handy hehehe. It ended well completely wankered as we were doing 7 man shouts but when we had only drunk half beer then came another. Was a great way to meet the locals. Bon Voyage....

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1st January 2009

What a fantastic trip girls, I wish the best of luck to you both. Israel. XXX
2nd January 2009

Que Buena
Hi Girls, Am booking ticket soon for El Salvador on August this year so thanks for arming me with some info for my trip. Shame you didn't make El Salavdor as my bro is there and you could have stayed with him. Hope you had great xmas and New Year and espero que te vayas bien. Besos, Annaxx
3rd January 2009

gracias chicka.... twas a shame otra tiempo hey. Excellent you got your ticket thats great think of the warm weather. Nuevo ano feliz xx

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