Panama Canal

Published: June 22nd 2017
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Geo: 9.00968, -79.6018

We are currently in the Panama Canal. We have passed through the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks and are currently in the Culebra Cut heading to Gatun Lake then the Gatun Locks at approximately 1:50 this afternoon then we will be in the Caribbean Sea with a stop in Colon. If you are reading this before 1:50 on March 25th, there is a live web feed of the locks of Gatun.Check out You might see the Celebrity Infinity on her journey. She is classed as a PanaMax ship. There are just a couple of feet on each side. The new locks will handle larger ships.

Additional photos below
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Fleet of tugs to help ships.Fleet of tugs to help ships.
Fleet of tugs to help ships.

We don't need any help!
A freighter entering the lock.A freighter entering the lock.
A freighter entering the lock.

There are two locks side by side.
Doors closing.Doors closing.
Doors closing.

Notice the tugs inside the canal lock. This doesn't happen with us. No room!
Mules (named for the trains)Mules (named for the trains)
Mules (named for the trains)

The mules attach cables to the ship. We needed 8. They hold the ship centered with about 2 feet clearance on each side.
Another smaller cruise shipAnother smaller cruise ship
Another smaller cruise ship

Moved through much quicker. Less than half our size.

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