so what happened in panama?

Published: October 7th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

So I was stuck in the boat attending the media reception. And other then the tendered boats being really late everything seemed to go smoothly. I was again smiled and introduced myself to various people, and was nominated to translate for some biologist. OK….this was a very very bad idea. Place me on a stage in front of at least 120 people and ask me to translate scientific terminology…not good. So my leg began to shake, and my voice began to crack, and cameras and media stared and I couldn’t think of how to translate anything and I wanted to die. So 5 minutes felt like an eternity, but when it was over I had a crowd of people wanting to join my tour of the boat. And when I was nearing the end my roommate heather’s voice “we’re leaving, go get you stuff, but we gotta go now!!!” (she was with , Travis who is from LA, Nicole who is south Africa, and Mario who is German…..very interesting mix)
Option A: hang out on the boat till 11 pm, and probably not get off
Option B: get off now and randomly go anywhere….
SO I chose to leave, anything was better then hanging around the boat any longer. So I ran up stairs and put everything in a bag, and 2 minutes later I was off the boat being tendered to Panama City.
So off the little boat into panama, there we where looking like 5 aimless students without any sense of directions. So I figured I’d better go inside and ask how to find a taxi. Inside the little shop was this older couple that had a truck parked outside. When they heard I needed a taxi they asked me if I wanted a ride. Normally I would think that was silently off, but being in panama I thought that was very sweet of them to offer.
So we found a taxi and made it to Hotel el Panama where they had booked a reservation for 2 people so they other 3 had to hide out in the hotel bar. Me being one of the 3 decided to order mojitos, when they came out they tasted like cold chamomile tea with vodka in it (NOT GOOD). We had a very nice Italian dinner and called it a night because we had a busy day coming up.

Next morning we woke up and got ready to spend the day traveling to playa blanca, were we had an all inclusive resort booked. All you can eat …all you can drink…plus a nice pool, and beach. So our amazing taxi driver Oscar came to pick us up. In the car he had musica tropical playing, and he talked the entire way about panama and its traditions. He told us how much he loves Colombia for its beautiful women, and how amazing the country is. Oscar even stopped us randomly in some hole in the wall place so we can get fresh Panamanian bread, home made cheese and fresh squeezed juice. WOW I had this juice made from some fruit called nance, it was soooooooo good. And the cheese with the cheese bread was exactly what I was needed… it was like a little taste of Colombian bread. We made it to the hotel and immediately had lunch. And our lunch couldn’t have been better because we had toucans join us for lunch. We got so distracted we couldn’t eat. We fed it fruit and I got some great pictures of us holding the toucan.
That night we learned a lot about each other, with free drinks, and a fun game of never have I ever. We actual called it a night pretty early.

to be continued......


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