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August 29th 2012
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Actually it is never "just another day" in the Chiriquí Province. I am very tired today and although I tried to sleep in after my breakfast,I felt guilty in wasting the day on my one da off. It is quite cold today as heavy rains pummeled the area last night. The rivers were raging and the brook near my home flooded the street.

I took my Suicide shower. That is what it is called. I had heard this term from some expats. I claimed I knew what they were talking about when they said “suicide shower” .I thought they meant one would rather die before the temp of the shower induced hypothermia and eventually stopped your heart. But that was not the case. A suicide shower is when the shower head is rigged with exposed wires and connected to a tiny water heater outside. It is worth the risk my friends for tepid water!

Last Monday I house sat for someone and watched their dog just so I could take steaming hot shower and a little airconditioner. I know I know the levels I will stoop to is shameful. Desperate times!!

Aussie departs.....Aussie departs.....Aussie departs.....

So sad. Que lastima!!
I found a tiny fruit stand near the church, where the man will cut open a coconut for you to drink the water. I believe I looked kind of strange walking down the street with my tropical to- go cup.

One of my classmates, a feisty Australia who works currently in Panama City left today. I am quite sad as we got along smashingly in class and our sarcasm would reduce us to tears. Our teacher, who is both professional and fun has helped me get a stronghold on the necks of Spanish Verbs. I am feeling more confident and trying to use them with anyone who will listen.

I have one more week here in th emerald city and then off the island town of Bocas del Toro to continue my Spanish lessons and volunteer at another school. I did consider just staying in Boquete for the remainder of my program, but I would like to see another part of th country before I go.


Boquete was established in the 1800s and by 1904 it had a hotel. I understand the hotel is still in existence and will try and locate it before I leave. There are apparently the most stunning gardens sorrounding it.

The orchid is the National Flower of Panama and it is rumored there is a black orchid farm somewhere outside of town. Since the orchid is the only flower I have any success at NOT KILLING, I may have to find my way to this farm for a looksee.

Petroglyphs have been located in the mountain caves depicting complete maps of the Chiriquí province including all mountain ranges and streams. As I detest bats or murcielago as they are called in Spanish, I will not be able to pove this to be true.

The American phrase “come around” was first used during the construction of the Panama Canal when Americans were telling Panamanians to “come around” later for, food or drinks or what have you. Unbeknownst to the Americans “come around" sounds distinctly like “camaron” which literally means shrimp but when a local says “camaron” it is translated into "having work fo somone to do to make some money" it is similar the the american phrase "throwing someone a bone". Therefore when the locals heard the Americans says “Come around” they would go home get some friends or family together and return the next day ready to work and make money. it is still a phrase used today nd a bit of a runnig joke, at least here in Boquete.

If you want to go hiking in Boquete or if you wan to try Rock Climbing, ask around town for Israel and Ceasar. You will not be disapointed!

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A small cafe on a back streetA small cafe on a back street
A small cafe on a back street

A friend of mine designs custom yoga mats and this reminded me of her.
Fairy FlowersFairy Flowers
Fairy Flowers

I believe these are the flowers that are illegal in the US as they can be made itno a tea and used as a hallucinig. But they are my favorite.
Where I volunteerWhere I volunteer
Where I volunteer

and now lead tours in english and spanish
We took the aussie out for shrimpWe took the aussie out for shrimp
We took the aussie out for shrimp

at Outbacks of course. Nah, th restaurant is called The Rock. Certainly not Panamanian but the garlic soup with truffle oil espuma was divine
How to send a letter to BoqueteHow to send a letter to Boquete
How to send a letter to Boquete

The numbers on the letter are phone numbers because there are no street nams or house numbers. You can rent a PO box or the postmaster will simply call your home.

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