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Bocas Del Toro is a Caribbean area in Northern Panama that is made up of several Islands of which the main Island is called Bocas Del Toro and the main town on the Island is Called Bocas Town. To get to the island you must take a water taxi from Almirante, a 30 minute boat ride. Almirante is literally a crappy town and not a place you want to spend much time. Waiting for our boat to arrive to head to Bocas we could not help but notice the quantity of garbage in the water and the number of outhouses that were located over the water - the place literally smelled like feces due to this - we couldn't wait to get away! Amy and I couldn't help but think of the irony of how "tourism" ... read more
Come sail away...
Amy soaking up rays
Me soaking up rays

Apres avoir passe quelques jours a Puerto Viejo en compagnie de mes 3 amis, Pablo, Aaron et David, j ai pris la direction du sud pour atteindre le Panama, plus precisement Bocas del Toro, un archipel au nord/ouest. Arrivee a Almirante, j ai commence mon voyage sur l-eau, au milieu de petites iles, plus belles les une que les autres. J ai rencontre une fille des plus bizarre, je ne serais pas restee avec elle si on n avait pas rencontre Eva et Damien dans le taxi qu on a partage pour arriver aux iles. On a decide d aller sur une ile voisine, plus petite, qui s appelle Bastimientos. La/bas on a pu profiter de deux jours de relaxation, on a fait un tour, vu des dauphins, fait du snorkling au milieu des meduses et ... read more

Hey So had one final day out in Panama before saying fairwell to the city. Headed out to the Parque Natural on the outskirts of the city to a national park in the rainforest. The adventure getting there was almost as good as the park itself. Decided to brave it and take my first Chicken bus (the funky old USA school busses) My particular one had a class painting of the joker (Heath Ledger) from batman on the back and it was just as jazzy as all the rest. I decided as they all stop at the station id take my chances and get my taxi from there to the park as it is alot closer. So off i went standing randomly at the side of the street and flag down this bus. First of all ... read more
Photo 3
Rain Forest Park
Photo 5

Hola everyone! We made it to Bocas Del Toro, and our group went from 7 down to 4. We have been having a great time. Sorry I have not been able to update, no computer the past week or so. But we are all alive and doing well. We spent a week in Santa Catalina, which was awesome! Lots of surfing and good times! As well as cows. Then we headed to Boquete as soon as everyone left, which is a beautiful area, apparently its the hotspot for retirees from mostly US and Canada but also Europe. O yea nd we drove there, no buses yet! Yes! Gas is in the $3-4 range. From Boquete we headed to Bocas, which I must say was a pretty wild adventure as well. O yea on our way to ... read more

K - We are currently on Bocas del Toro, a beautiful archipelago on the Caribbean side of Panama and are basically having a little vacation after a whole 5 days of traveling! I can't rid myself of the feeling that this is somehow wrong and that "traveling" should be nitty and gritty and dirty and tiring and that sipping rum cocktails on the beach doesn't really count! Boca is a beautiful, laid back place - it reminds me of the Greek Islands about 25 years ago - just enough infrastructure to make sure you can get a cold beer when you want one but with a rough and ready charm and local hotels and restaurants rather than big chains. You travel out here on a water taxi and we are in a lovely little hotel about ... read more
Our private beach!
Boat trip
Rhinoceros Beatle.

We traveled by bus to Bocas for our visa trip. After a short overnight stay in Puerto Viejo, we were picked up early and cramped into a small mini van headed for the Costa Rica/Panama Border. After a few hours we arrived at the border crossing. Unlike any border crossing I'd ever seen, tourists and nationals enter Panama by crossing a large river via a rather long decrepit and withering bridge. After shuffling over the bridge and reading the venomous snakes and weapons warnings, we were given our stamps and once again loaded into a cramped mini van for the last leg of the land journey. Bocas is reached by a 45 minute water taxi departing mainland Panama. The ride was bumpy but enjoyable. After arriving we found accommodation for the night and settled in. Bocas ... read more
On the boat out to Bocas
Water view
May 2011 (monteverde & boca) 079

This morning I had my usual overload of espresso. It's just too good. We shared what has become our daily breakfast, the Tesoro Club & delicious banana pancakes with real maple syrup. So tasty. They also have this homemade hot sauce that is so good. I think it's made from roasted peppers & some perfect secret spices. Then we prepared ourselves for our Goonie walk. Matty insisted that we take the dogs with us, probably because they will make sure we don't miss the turnoff to La Piscina. With sneakers on our feet & 4 dogs trotting along with us, we headed out. Somehow it is already 11:30 by the time we leave, there isn't a cloud in the sky, & it is hot. Hottest part of the day & we're going to hike for hours. ... read more
Another beautiful tropical flower
La Piscina.
Us in La Piscina

Today we are taking it easy. We were going to head to Bastimientos to stay out there but from what we've heard from other guests & Matty, it doesn't sound like it can even compare to being out here. It was an easy sell actually, we love it out here & could stay a long time. Plus Matty offered to buy us dinner if we stay, so that was another easy choice. He's an excellent chef & we have eaten very very well here. I sat upstairs on the "comfy chairs" overlooking the water. We've named them the comfy chairs because they have lots of cushions & they are comfy. The kitty that lives here, Mineux, has one chair all to herself, she's almost always sitting in it, unless she's sitting next to me at the ... read more
Banana pancakes!
The wall just outside our room.
Geoff soaking up the rays at Playa Bluff.

Up early to dive. Caught cab out front & went into town for breakfast at the Pirate's Restaurant. American cheese, why? with our scrambled eggs y jamon. Went to dive shop next door, waited for awhile for them to get organized. Our DM Manuel is from Guatemala. Dive 1 @ Dolphin Rock where we saw: Eagle Ray, Lionfish, lots of Fireworms, & 6 Lobsters lined up side by side under an overhang. Funny. Not a lot of coral, with just ok visibility. 2nd site at Sachen. Amazing coral reef, beautiful. The most colorful since Belize. Pink, red, blue, purple, lavender, yellow, orange, black, fans, just amazing. We saw a RN shark in a cave who just stared at each of us as we went down to look at her, from the back of the cave we ... read more
Cabanas along the way to our dive site.
On the dive boat! My favorite place to be...
Matty in his kitchen.

**Don't forget to look at all the pics on the bottom of the blog! :) Had breakfast (open egg sandwich aka Tesoro Club) & of course a lot of espresso. Matty gives us freebies daily, like samples, today was the passionfruit smoothie & Wow! I now am in love with Passionfruit! We made a quesadilla with cheese & green onion for the Goonies walk. Went on Goonies walk. Turned off the trail early (we learned later) & walked on tide pools. There was a lot of time spent shell collecting. Lots & lots. Cloud cover but really hot. Swam in most amazing beautiful bay on the way back. Walked in flips, probably not best idea. Our feets were really really tired upon our return to Tesoro Escondido. Made it back to hotel, hot, dehydrated & starving. ... read more
Only two sets of footprints.
It doesn't get any better than this.
Geoff hanging out in the shade while Kassandra stopped to take photos.

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