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Published: September 20th 2012
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In my last entry I completely forgot to add that the town of Changuinolo is where Chiquita Bananas come from. I might have omitted it because I am swearing off bananas for quite a long time but I thought it was an interesting fact.

Back to the island...

There are many islands to see around the Isle of Colon where I am staying but the one beach I needed to get to before I leave is Star Beach. After class, I found out you can grab a bus at the park in town. The bus only comes every other hou,r which I did not know until a kind local informed me after she saw me doing circles in the park. I was too hot and tired to ask anyone but that would have made more sense. The sun is intense today!

I got on the bus and was the only adult. I think I may have oarded the wrong bus but the driver was happy enough to take me and my money to the beach. It is about 45 minutes to the beach through some tiny towns and hilly farms to the other side of the island.
through the waterthrough the waterthrough the water

This pic was taken is 10 feet of water. So crystal clear.

The bus stops at Bocas del Draga which is the end of the road... literally. From there you can get a water taxi or walk in the water to Starfish Beach. I could have walked as I soon discovered but since I did not know where I was going or if I had arrived, I took the water taxi.

There was not much of a beach but the water was 6 shades of turqouise and you can sit in the sand near the shore or swim out to the reefs. The visibility and clarity of the water was like looking through a pane of glass. The coupe de gras was the sand under the water was littered with starfish. Such a pretty site. Along the shore are little shacks selling beverages and cooking food such as lobstertail soup. The lobsters are caught right there where you wade and swim. I swam, I drank and I meandered just inside the palm when I heard a bird, looked into the trees and saw HIM. A sloth! A real live, non-disney looking sloth. He was huge.

Actrually I don´t know if he was huge because it is the first time I
Holy Sloth!Holy Sloth!Holy Sloth!

Aye ain´t he/she pretty?
have ever seen one but he is no tiny being for sure.I showed it to a little local boy who said he is called Oso Peresosa which means ´slow bear´. How we got the word sloth from that, I have no idea.

I spent several hours in this exotic locale and headed back to town around 7. I was starving so I found a cute little restaurant called OM that served Indian Food. They have ipsmacking delicious meals so I renamed the restaurant YUM!

PS Jen if you arte reading this they have not only tamarind and mint chutney but freshly sliced mango lime chutney and tomato cilantro tamarind. Hooo-wheee!

Additional photos below
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a sloth´´s viewa sloth´´s view
a sloth´´s view

if he would wake up
after 2hours after 2hours
after 2hours

he/she changed positions
I wanna hug himI wanna hug him
I wanna hug him

and squeeze him and call him.....
Back in townBack in town
Back in town

at the government building

And good eats.

It sounds joyous but really means I hope so.

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