Panama - a tropical garden

Published: April 5th 2007
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Hospital Point - Isla NancyHospital Point - Isla NancyHospital Point - Isla Nancy

Our favourite spot
Getting out of Cartagena by plane took a whille as the airline and police required a few hours to check us 4 gringos in. As we were going with a Dash 8, there were only a few other passengers with us and we nearly left on time! Arriving in Panama City was a bit of a suprise as the skyline looks more like New York than Central America. Pnama is full of retired US Americans and you can enjoy a lot of fast food and real chocolate! We spent 2 days in Panama City having breakfast in Dunkin Donuts, dinner in Wendy´s, going out etc. Panama is trying hard to attract foreign investors and retirees and they seem to have some success as it is full of Americans over 60.

We then decided to take a typical backpacker route and headed straight to Bocas del Toro. For one reason or another we managed to arrive in Almirante in the middle of the night and of course no boats were going anymore. Almirante didn´t seem like a nice place and the bus driver was convinced that we are in big danger getting of the bus. However, we found a cheap place to sleep a few hours and on the next day we were in Bocas del Toro on Isla Colon. The town itself doesn´t have any beaches and it is necessary to arrange boat trips etc on a daily basis. The sorrounding islands and beaches are all unique and really beautiful. Transport can be a problem as there is always a risk that your boat doesn´t pick you up at the arranged time. This happened to us, but it is easy to find another boat. Again, Bocas is full of retired foreigners and young backpackers, which makes a funny combination.

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5th April 2007

Panama seems really beautiful, like paradise. P.S. We are happy you survived your trip to Columbia!
31st May 2011
Bocas del Drago

elongated photos on site
I am wondering how to resize the photos of Isla Zapatilla to make them look normal? They are coming out to me as long and narrow photos that distort the image. I want to see them the way they should be.. How?

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