Published: July 31st 2006
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We arrived in Nicaragua the same time as the rain. We were soaked by the time we crossed the border and got into the taxi to San Juan Del Sur.. we had a lovely taxi driver who told us that the country was safe for us and has no problems....

San Juan, a lovely beach place on the pacific coast, was very lovely. We took time to chill out a little, and eat very cheap lobster, watching the sunset over the pacific.
The beach was very deserted with a lots of waves and a few surfers.

Next we went to Granada, a very pretty colonial city, old buildings, very hot!
We arrived on a proper chicken bus, we thought we would show Gill what its like to backpack.. I think she was thinking it would be more of a holiday.. she also had to put up with Lo and I, we have spent that much time together.. we have turned into an old married couple... we finish each others sentences, we can say what each other likes and doesn't like... we bicker about stupid things ... we have words that only we understand (bad Spanglish) its very weird. Gill was very impressed, at our ability to talk all day about absolutely nothing.. so who emailed you... what did they say.. what did you say back....I do wonder how we will cope when the travelling is over! Who will answer our stupid questions.. (prepare yourselves).

Next, we went to Laguna Apoyo, very blue and beautiful crater lake.. and chilled out in the day tubing and swimming. Then off to another lake (on another chicken bus..).. the biggest in Central America, Lago Nicaragua.. and stayed on isla Ometepe, in between 2 huge volcanoes.

After a few days there.. we went to Managua.. the capital city which was more than a little dodgy. I think we stayed in the NO part of town.. we couldn't go anywhere without getting a taxi...and the taxi driver would say...go to your hotel very fast!

Here, we said goodbye to Gill, thanks for coming, it was lots of fun... and left the next day for Hondorus.

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