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October 16th 2008
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Muy buenos dias,

I thought some people may be curious if not very concerned about current personal security issues in Nicaragua. I have a 31 year history with Nicaragua but only recently decided to move to Nicaragua from Eugene, Oregon. The year prior to moving here, I investigated Nicaragua extensively and one of the key issues for me, naturally, is mine and my children's personal security. I am aware of all the US Consulate warnings and the statistics of violence commited against US citizens and others. At first I thought moving to Nicaragua to start a business would be an unnecessary risk. But as I began to compare the same statistics to the crime in my little home town of Eugene, Oregon, I realized I lived in a much more "dangerous" place then Managua, not to mention the small towns outside of Managua and the capital cities. I moved here in July 2008 with the objective to create an "industry" for white water rafting and expand surfing excursions to the mostly unknown regions of the Pacific Coast. The hope is to create similar, if not greater, opportunity and prosperity than has been enjoyed in neighboring Costa Rica. I have travelled
Precolombian PetroglyphsPrecolombian PetroglyphsPrecolombian Petroglyphs

Nicaragua is full of "undiscovered" archeological sites. 99% of Nicaraguans don't even know these places.
all over Nicaragua (especially the north and Pacific Coastline), remote areas at all hours, mingled with nearly everyone I met along the way of getting to know the rivers of Nicaragua. I have travelled throughout Managua and the country extensively in my own ""come and rob me I am a "rich Gringo", lifted 4x4, Ford Excursion, loaded with kayaks on top, "" and have never once felt threatened or at risk of being targeted. I have taken taxis as well, again at all hours of the day and at times late at night. I am not saying that there is no danger or risk here. I decided I must keep things in perspective. Let me share a website with you to make an honest comparison. The following website makes a comparison of common crimes committed in Eugene, Oregon and Los Angeles, CA:

I am well aware of the reports noted on the US Department of State of violent and petty crime in Nicaragua. In no way do I want to dismiss these activities as trivial. Indeed, there is some risk in getting robbed in a Managuan taxi, if you don´t take precautions to avoid such risks. And, obviously,
White Water Kayaking NicaraguaWhite Water Kayaking NicaraguaWhite Water Kayaking Nicaragua

Dropping Boca Del La Mocuana
if you show up at a heated Sandinista ralley, you might not be well received. However, in context, my home town of Eugene is far more violent based on the statistics that Eugene makes available to the public. And Los Angeles looks like a battle zone compared to Eugene. Look for trouble anywhere and we will find it and sometimes it finds us when we do our best to avoid it. I believe when making comparisons to other highly traveled countries, Nicaragua is a far safer country then has been incorrectly perceived.

One more thing, I know very well what it is like to travel in highly unstable countries as a real comparison. If you like I am happy to provide more information on this or other topics. Write Hopefully you will put Nicaragua on your desired, destination list and maybe even surf a wave or two or paddle a river with us.


17th October 2008

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