San Juan Del Sur


I eventually made my way from Liberia to Nicaragua, the border crossing was a nightmre, 2 hours queuing just to get across but we made it eventually. Getting to the other side was not a nice experience though, being bothered by locals for a taxi who just wouldnt take no for an answer. After hanging around on a street corner for half an hour we managed to get a bus to Rivas which is the next main town/city. We didnt see anything of it though as we got off one bus and straight onto another to San Juan Del Sur.

The place is very nice and laid back. surround by locals and tourists it has an authentic feel to it which is great. Spending alot less here to so that adds to the smile.

The next day we took a jeep to Madiera beach which is where all the surfers go, we spent 15 minutes walking up the coast line and found a quiet secluded beach with not many people around. Nice white sand a good breeze ensured sunburning but it wasnt as bad as Ive experienced. just on the border of hurting and not hurting so should come out quite nicely brown.

On my first night in a bar I met 3 Nicaraguans who bumped into my by accident (obviously drunk) who were quick to apologise. I brushed it off and got talking when they realised I wasnt american. I told them I was English and that was it, Oasis this, Oasis that. Nobody else in Nicaragua even knows who they are aparently and they play musical instruments to the songs. I was invited back for a redition but I politely turned them down but it didnt stop a dose of Kareoke from all of us singing to numerous Oasis tracks over the club music in the bar. Was a very enjoyable experience.

Ive just had a game of football on the beach with 5 local youths, that was good as Ive not kicked a ball since I left home. Roll on the next season. I leave tomorrow for Ometepe which is the Island in Lagos de Nicaragua made up of 2 volcanos.

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party in townparty in town
party in town

Returning from the beach a local street party was going on due to an election victory.

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