Blog Kick Off!!!


San Juan Del SurSan Juan Del SurSan Juan Del Sur

Oh the amazing beaches of San Juan Del Sur!!!
Hola friends and family! So I know that I probably should have had this started before I left but that just wouldn´t be my style. Better late than never right! So, here goes...

This is my summer 2008 Central America travels. As many of you know I started my trip off with a student group from Seattle University and we spent two weeks traveling around Nicaragua. Today the group left to return to Managua from the coastal town of San Juan Del Sur to return home to the states tomorrow. I on the other hand have stayed beehind because I plan to go to Costa Rica next and San Juan is much closer to the border than managua. I plan to stay here for a few days to have a little R and R. The beach here is absolutely incredible!!!

I want to make sure that you all get a full sense of my whole trip so I plan on posting some entrys about the past two weeks and my experiences. I hope that this blog will be entertaining and enjoyable and will help so that my mom doesn´t have to try and relay all my messages to everyone. Although you probably got the web address for this blog from my mom feel free to pass it along to anyone that you think needs it or even just might enjoy it. Feel free to leave messages and post any questions that you might have, I would be more than happy to answer them.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer and I would also like to here your stories and adventures of life back home or wherever you may be.



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