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What a night! Ugh. The box that we slept in didn’t have walls all the to the ceiling, no walled off area for the bathroom and a tin roof. We could hear everything the couple next to us was doing from kissing to peeing… thank goodness they didn’t have sex even though it sounded like the guy was really trying to talk her into it heh heh He stopped after we heard her firmly say NO. Guess no means no in Spanish too heh heh Mirador Catarina came alive after dark with some kind of karaoke and sport being played in the central plaza. It was very noisy. Sean and I didn’t go out because we felt like we weren’t welcome. People stared at us and taxis kept asking us if we wanted to go to ... read more
Volcano Mombacho
Volcano Mombacho

Breakfast again was delicious and this is definitely becoming one of the best meals of the day. I just cannot get enough of the queso frito as it is so delicious and the gallo pinto for breakfast hits the spot. Not sure how I am going to cope heading back to the real world after this trip and not having this breakfast everyday. Today was an early day as we were on the bus at 9:00 am to head for Volcan Mombacho. The family had arranged a fantastic caballo vallo for us in a house up in the middle of Volcan Mombacho. After the ride over, we got up to the spot where the busses drop us off in a little guard house and from here we transfer into army bus transports to go up to ... read more
Nice and dry
Always be prepared
Even here we find dogs?

Day 5 - DT Ladies 1, Mombacho Volcano Nill - We conquered Day 5 started early with breakfast that we had to cook, but did not have to clean up. Bonus. We got dressed in our DT uniforms. Our guide and driver picked us up at the house at 8:30 and we were off to Mombacho Volcano about 1 hour away. We got a lot of info on the agriculture and history of the area on the way from our guide Roberto, who looks 10 but is a mature 21. By the end of the ride he realized he was going to have his hands full. We transferred from the nice A/C van to a German Mercedes, circa 1046 troop transport truck. We headed up a very steep road and think the transmission was left about ... read more
Really steep
The path down

Today is the mix up point and the big change in our travels. Justin, James, and Jeff headed off to Ometepe while Matt and I began Spanish school. Because they don't have as long, they wanted to see more and get surfing. Justin wasn't planning on doing school so he headed ahead with the others and will rejoin us when we catch up. Starting at 9am we headed out to One on One tutoring. It was a great way to start the day, four hours of pure Spanish. Being very intense we were pretty burned out afterwords. Both of us had four different teachers each and mine happen to give me a ton of homework. After a late lunch we headed back to the hostel where we socialized for a bit, then began studying. After an ... read more

When people arrive in Granada it's a pleasant city with multicolored adobe houses and clean streets. It is very similar to Leon (Nicaragua) and Antigua (Guatamala). The main attractions being the cathedrals and volcanos. The churches are a dominanting feature here, with their domed tops and majestic looks. Matt and I decided to wander through the streets and find a place to do Spanish school for the next few weeks. We found one for 110usd per week with 4 hours of study a day and 4 different instructors per day. It also offers home stays which we will do after a bit of one on one learning. Monday morning at 9am is when we start and for the week we will be doing interactive activities to learn Spanish. Today we figured we would just relax so we ... read more

So on the Sunday we finally head to Granada, where some of Frank's friends were flying down to meet us. We arrived to find a huge cowboy festival going on, with the streets full of horses and lots of DJs blasting out music while locals danced around in their cowboy gear. We wondered around the streets for a while and walked up to the Lake with a great view of Ometepe Island but unfortunately tons of sandflies so we didn't stay long. After a while though, the strong sun and hundreds of smelly horses forced us back to the hostel where we sat around for a while relaxing before Frank's friends arrived. Frank's friends were cool, although one was ill so he went to bed early. The rest of us, along with some others at the ... read more

Taking the taxi to the bus station we took a collectivo to Managua and we got dropped off at the bus station to take a connecting bus to Granada, a good 1 hour away. We got dropped off at the plaza and we walked to find the Bearded Monkey, when we arrived there the young Canadian loverboy from last nite and his friend was there just checking in, they left hours before us but they did the longer way. we all looked at each other and had a laugh about last night. He apologised later to us, thankfully they are on another dorm. We checked out the town, it was quite hot during the day and relief was at night when the breeze comes but it rained as well. Had a few beersd and then turned ... read more

Na de fokkie - die hier trouwens niet slecht is - weer op pad met Gustavo richting Mombacho. We proberen zoveel mogelijk Spaans te praten: Gustavo apprecieert dat wel en wij leren nog wat 'slang' bij in t Spaans. We zijn te weten gekomen dat, ondanks het drogere klimaat hier, de Mombacho door de hoogte in een nevelwoud ligt. Dit hadden we trouwens ook al gemerkt want in een cloud forest is de kans op regen redelijk groot ;-) De volledige krater lag in de mist dus veel viel er niet te zien. Historisch/geografisch intermezzo: De naam Mombacho betekent 'knielende berg', de vulkaan is nu een 1100 m hoog. Bij de laatste uitbarsting is de hele top naar beneden gekomen waardoor er ook grote scheuren in de kraterrand zijn ontstaan. De grond is hier heel vochtig ... read more
Mombacho Volcano
Mombacho Volcano
Mombacho Volcano

Bryan, Justin and I got to Granada around 2pm and checked into the Bearded Monkey. I really enjoyed Leon but Granada has more to it, although they are both similar in just being cool cities to just walk around in. We celebrated our arrival with pizza at the best pizza place in town and hatched a plan for a Breakfast Crawl the next morning following the discovery of multiple good breakfast places. Watched "Clockers" at the hostel and ended up going out with some Brits to a local bar and crappy nightclub. It was a schoolnight so not much happening, although the walk back to the hostel involved having some idiot throw a rock in our direction, getting hassled by another guy and some weirdo following us blowing a whistle. Woke up early for the Breakfast ... read more
Bryan and Justin in Cathedral in Granada
Outside Cathedral in Granada
Guy on Plaza de Independencia, Granada

We arrived in Granada shortly after leaving Ometepe but again travelling with the English girls it cost me a fortune in taxis. This is where I got my first real taste of what I expected of Central America, its still touristy but has a very authentic feel to the place. I found it really easy to get around and knew a few people in the hostels near by which Id already met in other places so we were able to go out in groups. A group of us went cliimbing the bell tower of the church whilst a funeral was going on seemed a little strange but gave great views of the city from above. The following day we woke to heavy rain so wasted a day in the bars. I met Ray from New Zealand ... read more

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