Granada the City

Published: January 11th 2010
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When people arrive in Granada it's a pleasant city with multicolored adobe houses and clean streets. It is very similar to Leon (Nicaragua) and Antigua (Guatamala). The main attractions being the cathedrals and volcanos. The churches are a dominanting feature here, with their domed tops and majestic looks. Matt and I decided to wander through the streets and find a place to do Spanish school for the next few weeks. We found one for 110usd per week with 4 hours of study a day and 4 different instructors per day. It also offers home stays which we will do after a bit of one on one learning. Monday morning at 9am is when we start and for the week we will be doing interactive activities to learn Spanish. Today we figured we would just relax so we headed to the pool to lounge about. Justin isn't feeling very well today so there is not much point in going anywhere. I think the boys are going out tonight minus Justin and I.   


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