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On our tour of the islands we happened upon a monkey island
This was not the original title of the blog... it was going to be something like, Bearded Monkey, Monkey Hut and Monkey attacks, but upon being given a brochure of a resturant with this as it´s slogan I had to change the title. Give me your ideas of what you think it might mean... Frank and Dody and i have ours.
So I headed to Granada and spent 3 days lazing around in the hostel, The Bearded Monkey. I did walk around the city, sit in the park and take a lovely boat tour of the islands in which I saw some great monkeys, who were fed by the other boat drivers and accounted for why they were so fearless and came so close to us. But really, the thing you come to Granada to do is lay in hammocks, drink Nica Libres and generally learn how to lounge. In fact, if your not sure how to do this yet, you absolutly must stop here before you go any farther to get some lessons.
I then took a truck to the Monkey Hut, owned by the same people of course. It is located on a huge crater lake, Laguna Apoyo
The catThe catThe cat

This cat at the hostel was often found in flower pots... guess the dirt is cool
and is a bit like paradise. The set up there is great, with a huge deck, and of course more hammocks, over looking the lake. Everything you might want to do in the water is avaliable to you, tubes, canoes, kayaks etc. There's a floating deck a little ways out. Most people take day tours here, I spent 2 nites, 3 days here. Just loved the place, nothing to do but chill. I met an awesome couple from Cali., Frank and Dody, and hung out with them most the time. Including our canoe escapade during a nite when the power went off and we were sitting on their deck drinking... good times. Frank ending up giving me a flashlight and batteries and a sewing kit, he didn´t think my little book lite was enough. They were great people and I was sad to say goodbye to them and the lake but travellers must travel lest they be travellers... so back I went to Granada for another nite and now I am in Rivas. Tommorrow I will take a bus to the border to re-up my time and hopefully come straight back... not sure if they will let me or not.
Boat TourBoat TourBoat Tour

This is the view of Granada from the water
Hope to here from you all... thought I'd have tons of messages after my rum tour, guess it's not all the surprising that I would go to rum factory anymore eh? Take care and more soon, Kari

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Boys on a boatBoys on a boat
Boys on a boat

During our boat tour
Little IslandLittle Island
Little Island

There are about 365 islands, Una por cada dia del año, one for every day of the year, they say. MOst were really small but had amazing houses on them... one was owned my the owner of Flor De Caña!!-
More MonkeysMore Monkeys
More Monkeys

cannot believe how close we were to these monkeys
German with monkeyGerman with monkey
German with monkey

Seconds later, when this lady tried to get the monkey to hug here again this monkey freak out and attacked her. The mood changed rather quickly as we watched from the other boat as she inched backwards and he lunged forward towards her...
The Monkey HutThe Monkey Hut
The Monkey Hut

AKA Paradise
Dody, (Dumbo the cat), Kari and FrankDody, (Dumbo the cat), Kari and Frank
Dody, (Dumbo the cat), Kari and Frank

After our drunken, late nite canoe adventure... you can't tell it but we aren't exactly dry

7th May 2007

great e-mail loved the monkeys and I know you did. What a lovely way to spend your time and vacation. Only wish I were with you. Don't know about the dunken cannoe ride but guess that's chilling out .
7th May 2007

your travels
Kari, We are enjoying your travel blog very much. I think Dick and I are envious but hopefully our obligations (to our children) will be running their course and we can spend some time traveling soon. Take care of yourself and we look forward to hearing from you soon. We think they were trying to lure potential tourists but they must have been copying an e-mail and the e-mail said to place a paragraph. What are your thoughts? Love, Jeannie
7th May 2007

Hey Jeannie- glad you're enjoying the blog, mom says you're thinking of doing one for a Europe trip? I think it was talking about something about how this will be a great "chapter" of your life and perhaps got confused between paragraph and chapter... just weird that it's tourist place and they didn't think to have a customer look at it and see if it was alright!

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