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Published: April 19th 2009
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Well, I am reaching the end of this adventure. My answer to that commonly asked question (how do you feel?) is the following: I feel content. Content because I love this place and these people and I know I will always come back, hey, maybe even come back to do this job again sometime, when I need a change of pace! Content because I am excited to see all my family and friends again. Content because I will be on to my next exciting adventure in June: as a fourth grade bilingual teacher in Denver, with the guidance of Teach For America! Content because, looking back, these 9 (soon to be 10) months were so full of life and learning and amazing experiences and relaxation. I feel very rejuvenated, very much myself again, especially after that very stressful senior year at college.

Obviously, I will cry when I say goodbye to Dorita, to her family that has been my family here, but those tears are natural between family. Much like the tears I shed at the security line after hugging Mom goodbye way back in July 08. When you know your life is about to change drastically, when you know you will be physically distanced from your loved ones, you cry in spite of it all, and it finally sinks in...

My trip to El Salvador was amazing and eye opening. Even the people on the delegation were a real joy to meet. Read more about my experience in this Op Ed I wrote from El Salvador:

Unfortunately, I got in a car accident on my way home (got a ride home from the ferry and the trucks' wheels got to close to the edge of the road, and flipped the truck on its side - and the 100 bags of flour that it was carrying!). Fortunately, I escaped with only a sore shoulder!

Aside from that, it has been nice to be "home" and really get back to normal, get hired for a teaching position (yay!) and have time to relax, sit in rocking chairs and chat with Dorita and Estela in the office. We celebrated holy week here last week, and 21 relatives came to stay at Dorita's! Holy Week is code for "going to the beach like its your job". So I went twice, and the other days we worked quite a bit
Extra Edad ProgramExtra Edad ProgramExtra Edad Program

These are kids at the local elementary that BOSIA supports with school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and graduation costs. I got to help hand out their new stuff this year :)
because the students are home from the universities and we had to meet with each of the BOSIA scholarship committees and students. Other than that, we have been busy at work planning for a Special Needs Conference where we are inviting 152 children with Down Sindrome, Developmental problems, Blind, Deaf, and Learning Difficulties. Nine people are coming down from Bainbridge Island to participate as well, so it should be really amazing (I'll try to ignore the stress of all the details, "Its not the end of the world, Maggie") to see it all come together on Saturday, April 25!

Well enjoy the photos, and I would really love to hear from any and all of you - how's life treating you? have you enjoyed my blogs? what's surprised you the most?

Much love,

Additional photos below
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Election Day, March 15!Election Day, March 15!
Election Day, March 15!

This was my observation site Rosario de Mora, 40 minutes outside of San Salvador, the capital. There were 17 voting tables to keep track of. We arrived at 4 am and stayed til 7 pm!
Ana Gabriela second birthday!Ana Gabriela second birthday!
Ana Gabriela second birthday!

She now says my name and carries on little conversations with me! (Doras niece)
Counting votes..Counting votes..
Counting votes..

The ARENA conservative party (red, white and blue) won at my voting site but the FMLN progrssive party (Red and white) won the popular vote nationwide. El Salvador's new president will be Mauricio Funes, to take office June 1!
Celebrations in the streets of San Salvador March 15Celebrations in the streets of San Salvador March 15
Celebrations in the streets of San Salvador March 15

March 15 after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced the FMLN projected win
Memorial wallMemorial wall
Memorial wall

The thousands of people who were killed during the Civil War in El Salvador (70s and 80s), many by U.S. funded death squads.
Ex-Hermosa Factory workers fightEx-Hermosa Factory workers fight
Ex-Hermosa Factory workers fight

These women worked in a factory in San Salvador that produced Adidas, Puma, Russell, Nike, and Reebok that owes them U$825,000 in wages for hours worked, but has not paid them any of this sum. They continue to pressure those brands and their national Workers' Rights Institution to bring them justice.
Home sweet homeHome sweet home
Home sweet home

This was about an hour before the car accident.
Light up La PalmaLight up La Palma
Light up La Palma

I visited my La Palma host family, they got electricity in their town for the first time ever about 4 days before this photo!
English converasation groupEnglish converasation group
English converasation group

This is the group (minus two or three) who always come to my house on Wednesday evenings to chat in English. We watch movies, we play games, its pretty informal. We went to the beach and had a picnic - Punta Jesus Maria. Its beautiful because it has a really long sand spit.

These ladies are preparing about 100 nacatamales for Holy Week (see final product bottom center). Nacatamales are like tamales, only stuffed with some rice, pork, potatoe, mint, tomatoes and wrapped with a plantain leaf.

19th April 2009

Counting down
Enjoy your last few weeks on Ometepe as much as you have the last ten months. I can relate to your blogs better having been to the island, and met many of the people you write about. It will be great to see you in May and to launch you on your new adventure. Love, Dad
20th April 2009

Hope to see you between adventures!
Wow, Maggie -- what an inspiration you are. I love the passion you bring to your work, and the meaningful choices you make about where to apply your energy and effort. Thanks for making it easy to follow along ... via your blogposts, photos, Facebook. I hope you'll have a chance to drop by YES! again before leaving for Denver, and I'd love to put you in touch with Colette Cosner, who's been filling your old intern shoes. Safe travels, -- Susan
21st April 2009

see you soon!
Mags, Can't wait to see you back in Seattle. We miss you here!!! Enjoy the rest of you time on Ometepe!!
23rd April 2009

You are amazing, Maggie! I hope your conference on the 25th goes smoothly. If not, oh, well, more memories. As much as you will remember and cherish your friends and family there, they will remember and cherish you. They'll all be telling tales of their lovely gringa the rest of their lives. So enjoy your last little bit and then adelante!
21st November 2009

hello miss congratulation for you work rosario de mora de el salvador presete gracias por tus fotos miss

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