Carnivals & Horse Parades in Nicaragua

Published: August 18th 2008
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Here we are in the heart of Granada, Nicaragua..... and having a great time as always. What a great city this is, and when I say that we are in the heart I really mean it. Our hotel is on the main square.... facing the central park and Cathedral. We are staying for 4 nights at the lovely Hotel Plaza Colon.... and it has now taken me over an hour to upload these 14 pics... so I am done for the night and will keep this short.

Everyone said that we would love this town, and I can see why. Granada really is the jewell in the crown of this country. Smokin' hot today... wow.. one of the hottest afternoons ever. Yesterday and today were part of the biggest festival / celebration that Granada has each year... the Hipica.... horse parade. We arrived just in time to get settled into the hotel... and head out to explore. Kinda like the Calgary Stampede combined with a massive carnival. Food vendors, all sorts of games, stages set up playing loud music everywhere, beer tents.... fireworks and a massive parade. All taking place just a few feet from our hotel. It was a crazy night... and not a great one for sleeping (hmmm... perhaps a downside of being on the central square). Today was more fun and the famous horse parade. I must be honest... we missed most of today's parade as by 4pm it became necessary to find some escape from the heat, crowds and noise... so we were in the pool. Oh well... all for our sanity.

Tomorrow we are taking a boat trip to Las Isletas.... and then an evening trip to a volcano to walk through some lava tubes and see some bats!! All the fun stuff that Central America has to offer.

Here are an assortment of pics as usual. A little bit of everything from the last few days. Enjoy

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18th August 2008

we miss you guys!!!
Hello guys...We are really happy to see you enjoying Nicaragua and al CA...we hope to see you soon in Guatemala!!...soon!!!...we miss you guys!!!!...send a kiss to Real and Luca...tell them next time they will come back we will show them beautiful places in Guate!!...hope Luca is still enjoying his lizard!!...kisses to everybody!!!....
7th November 2010
Our beach - Montelimar, Nicaragua

k bello es mi pais por eso estoy orgullosa deser nicaraguense i love youuuuuuuuu
23rd November 2010
At night in Granada, Nicaragua

Thank you for visiting this great country of ours I have been out of Nicaragua since 1983 and everytime I see people enjoying what Nicaragua has to offer, brings tears to my eyes
19th March 2012


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