Nicaragua - Managua and León

Published: August 6th 2017
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I haven't blogged for a while because I have been so busy here in Nicaragua, and Fabian has been with me so I have had company as well.

We started out in the capital, Managua. We were in separate hostels and the 6 minute walk from my hostel to his was such a nightmare. Even though it was the middle of the day I felt so vulnerable and unsafe. I went the wrong way in my nervousness so many times eventually I just got a taxi. We were only staying one night in Managua as a stopover anyway, there's nothing to see there and it's not only dangerous but also ugly. My hostel was stunning though and was once a safehouse for Fidel Castro during the Cuban revolution.

We got a shuttle the next day with some English people from the hostel to León, a colonial town around 90km away that was a stronghold for Nicaragua in the socialist revolution. I feel so much safer here. There are so many tourists and it has a much friendlier feel. It's lively, fun and has a real buzz about it. We stayed one night in a small hostel and have now moved to a bigger one.

The architecture is stunning. The Cathedral is the biggest in Central America and is white but parts are black due to the volcanic ash. We went to the markets and did some souvenir shopping and ate some really delicious Nicaraguan street food last night.

Today we have explored a bit, We went to a tattoo studio because Fabian has been getting a tattoo in each country he visits. He didn't get one today but will likely get one when we go to Granada.

We also went to a beautiful rooftop bar overlooking the town, the cocktails were strong and only cost around 70 Cordobas (2 USD).

Tonight we are going to a party hostel called Bigfoot, full of travellers, tourists and Nicaraguans alike for a good Saturday night out.

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7th August 2017

Loving the architecture
Loving the architecture!! Glad you are enjoying yourself! We miss you and cannot wait to see you! Love Fanny & Fanny x

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