Thursday - Leon and the beach

Published: August 12th 2011
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Today we left El Sauce but not without some adventures. The water was off again in out hotel rooms so many of us who were planning to have showers in the morning were out of luck. We loaded up the vans with all our suitcases but they were much lighter after having removed all the presents for the children and the school. Some of the presents were given to Ronald to share with other schools that are being built. We had too much for one school when there are others who are in the same need.

Our first stop was the hospital. After our fortuitous meeting with Ronan, the doctor from Tennessee on Tuesday, we were expected at the hospital. We were met by Ronan and another doctor who we learned was not from El Sauce. He had only been there for 20 years. They were very happy to receive the supplies. A few short speeches were made including one from the director of the hospital. We then had a tour of the hospital. It is a very different set up than what we are used to, with each wing separated by open air.

Once we left the hospital we headed for Leon. It was a much faster and easier drive than on Friday when we went to El Sauce. Perhaps the roads were full of people trying to get home for the weekend. When we arrived in Leon, we went directly to our hotel - Hotel Real. Although the hotel in El Sauce was very adequate, this hotel seems luxurious in comparison. It is open air with many plants growing. There are also two parrots in the garden who hang around the fountain. Several of us got pictures with the parrots on our finger or arm. There is running water in all the rooms although the shower does not have hot water. It is clean and bright and very welcoming.

We left the hotel and went for a walk. Lenin gave us a short tour of the city and explained some of the history. There is some interesting architecture here dating back to colonial times. We went to a small market where some of us purchased some souvenirs. We are looking forward to shopping in Managua tomorrow. We had a late lunch and then headed to the beach. What a sight the Pacific ocean is! The area we were in had large waves and the tide went out in several different directions. The water was exceptionally warm. We had supper at a beach side resort owned by a woman from Montreal. It really is a small world. We were treated to a fabulous thunder and lightening show over the Pacific.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Nicaragua. We will travel to Managua, do some shopping and then spend some time reflecting on our experience and sharing with Lenin what we learned.

(This computer doesn´t want to upload pictures so I will have to try tomorrow.)


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