Not my favourite city

Published: February 10th 2018
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Leon was not really great, I mean not bad but not great. After seeing so many people walking around sporting bruises and cuts and hearing stories of broken bones we opted out of volcano boarding, which was slightly disappointing as I was really looking forward to it but it was also $40AUD, a lot to pay for an impending injury. Also the hike up in the blaring sun, even just for an hour, didn’t sound so amazing. This left us with just the city, which is neither big nor beautiful. So the main square is impressive, yes, but it’s also very small and revolves around a church which we were denied entry to, in a very strange fashion. We entered, people were sitting drinking as if it were there house, they asked us if we were from Spain, upon saying no they told us that the church was closed. There were also some huge creepy statues in the square made out of fabric and plastic but no explanation for their existence.

We accidentally forced ourselves into having a beer with a girl we’d met in Guatemala and El Salvador and two English guys, both old and as arrogant as anything which was an awful waste of time. Our quick departure meant trying to avoid them in the city for the rest of the day.

In total, three nights was really only two days. We arrived super late and left super early but honestly in those two days we didn’t do a lot. Simone’s mate Ahmet was also there so we cooked with him, though He was more of a pain and negative nancy than anything.


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