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Published: March 4th 2009
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So I'm sure there are things to report.... but I'm blanking out...

Oh! Mail shoutouts! I got a postcard from one aabeyta of Mexico City AND a Valentine's card from the same Mexico-city-gayborhood-living wifeth!

Also, the second batch of no bake cookies turned out much better! We just ground up peanuts and used twice as much oatmeal and they were delish!

And ESTRELLA HAD PUPPIES! Yes the awesomest dog south of Missourah has 6 wiggling grunting puppies! And the family is going to gift me a perrita! I am sooo excited to have a dog. Now my tiny room can hold not only a gringita and a Niquita, but also a perrita! But damn I feel bad for Estrella - she is just so damn skinny! I'm gonna go see about what kind of food I can get for her. She has taken to eating the pig slop when the pig is fed, and they give her tortillas... but they have practically no nutritional value. I've been buying eggs and serving them to her raw. But man the puppies are little fat balls of fun!

Also, my schedule for March and April is RIDICULOUS! Literally, I am here a week, gone a week, here a week, gone a week... for the next two months.

Let me break it down....

This week 1-7th: Here all week teaching 5 days of English classes and sneaking food from the kitchen to the dog.

Next week 8-14th: Tues-Friday. Going to Granada (new city!) for an AgroNegocios, or AgBusiness, work shop, and staying overnight Thursday in Esteli (yay Green Market Friday morning in Esteli!)

Week after that 15-21st: Here all week, but my boss is coming for my site visit on Tuesday, where he will watch me teach English and want to talk to my family and community counterparts, etc.

March 22-28th: Going to the department of Carazao (new cities!) for a Spanish Language workshop, and then we all meet in Managua to "reconnect" in an official capacity.

March 29-April 4: A community bank workshop in Esteli Tues-Thurs... which means through the weekend...

April 5 - 11th: Semana Santa. Vacation. Possibly going to visit Lenin's family in the wilds of Jinotega.

April 12 - 18th: In site.

April 19-25th: Esteli all week for an Agriculture IST with all members of my class and the class of Ag Volunteers before us.

Right. So, if you got through that, you know that I will be here and away A HELLUVA LOT for the next two months. Not that it isn't exciting! By that time the puppies will be weaned and I can start training our dog. Which I have not yet picked out.

Okay, I'm hungry. Time to answer some emails, go get food, and head toward the bus stop.

PS Yes, I found bread!


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