Enchanting Esteli

Published: July 23rd 2008
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I arrived to Esteli Nicaragua yesterday in the early afternoon. After a few quick bus rides I found myself in the busteling city that lies just along the Pan-Am. It is a great town to explore the streets are narrow and filled with color of fruit stands, clothes for sale, and brightly painted tiendas of every kind. As I walked through the streets I soon came to the cathedral. It caught me off guard, it was so breath taking, the crand white cathedral standing tall over the parque central. Every town here has one a grand cathedral usually opposite the park but somehow in every town, every time you come upon the cathedral it is a marvelous sight.

Today I headed south of town out towards the saltos. I walked out of town and along the Pan-Am for a ways and then turned on to a little dirt road just south of the hospital. Much like my walk from San Juan Del Sur I had no idea where I was going or how far it was. I was picked up by the first trucked that passed by on the little road. The man, with his wife and child in the front seat, seemed to know exactly where I was going. We bounced along the road picking up two school girls and an old man along the way. After about thirty minutes down the road we came to a stop and there was a sign for the saltos pointing down a side road past a gate. The man pointed a reassuring wave down the road and I was on my way. As I got closer I could hear it roaring. There wasn´t a single other person on the road and I took the little stairway at the end of the road. I reached the bottem steps and entered the magical opening within the forest. The 36m waterfall cacaded down a cliff into a cool refreshing pool. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced and it was a BLAST!!! Swmming under the rushing waters you could just feel the power and beauty of nature. I spent several hours there swimming and relaxing. It was an incredible feeling to be alone and so at one with nature. I started the long trek back to town and it was a while before any cars passed but after walking about two thirds of the
Walk to the SaltosWalk to the SaltosWalk to the Saltos

The beautiful Nicaraguan northern highlands.
way back I was picked up by a lovely older couple in their pickup truck. The generousity and welcoming spirit of the Nicaraguan people continues to amaze me.

Additional photos below
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There was some incredible wildlife at and around the falls.

23rd July 2008

fun in the sun
You look and sound like you are having so much fun! I love the pictures and your descriptions are amazing. I can close my eyes and imagine what life must be like there. The waterfall experience looks so incredible. Have fun!!!
24th July 2008

Wish I was there
Oh oh oh What beautiful falls and forest! Wish I was there to feel the cool water. It's 100+ here and so hot! What a nice slow pace of life you are having and enjoying. Keep safe, Love, Gran

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